When adding your style to your home, you may get frustrated with the thought of not having enough space to design it the way that you really want to. Looking through magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens and various shows on the HGTV cable network may inspire you but also make you wish your space was bigger.

I’m here to show you how to decorate a tiny apartment so that you can make it look just as good as the bigger ones you drool over! To achieve some small spaces tricks, all it takes is a little creativity.

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Bedroom Elevation

Let’s start with the bedroom! After all, that is the first room we’re in and walk out of at the start of every day, right? If you have a small bedroom, you may feel like your options are very limited, as only a few essential furniture pieces can fill up that room fast. However, there is a way to use small spaces tricks to create the illusion of a bigger, more elongated space.

The first way to do this is by making your headboard the focal statement of the room. With a vintage design and vertical but unique shape, it will automatically open up the room.

If your bedroom is lacking in the available storage department, another trick to try is the use of lined hooks along the walls to create a better way of organizing things you would use every day without all the clutter.

To make these two ideas work, you want to make sure that your bed linens are light in color, as well as painting the room in a neutral color so that there is a constant feeling of expansion.

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Kitchen Bliss

After leaving the bedroom, the first thing you will naturally do (after going to the bathroom first) is head to the kitchen to make a bite to eat. If your kitchen is small, you may not want to stay in there too long because of the limited space you have.

By using small spaces tricks to counteract this, it would be a great idea to invest in a rolling island for all your kitchen needs. A rolling island provides more counter space, organizes storage and can be rolled away out of sight until you need to use it again.

If you find that your bulky cabinets are part of the reason why your kitchen feels cramped, you can opt for open shelves. Installing these will naturally open up your kitchen, while always giving you a good idea of what essentials you have in stock for regular cooking.

You also want to apply the same painting color techniques to this space as well. Creating a minimalist look with painted walls in the white spectrum will reflect natural light in the best way.

Not to mention the use of barstools instead of bulky chairs frees up space too. And if you’re lucky enough to have windows in your kitchen leading out into the dining or living room with a breath-taking view, you’d be doing yourself a great service paired with the new kitchen enhancements every time the sun shines.

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Living & Dining Room Quick ChEats

After waking up and making a bite to eat, you will find yourself either indulging in your meal in the dining room, or catching up on a good book in the living room afterwards.

With small quarters, it’s common to have weird angles in various parts of the home that make it a little difficult to arrange the room. If you find that this is the case for your dining room, a furnished bench will help you best utilize that space. Paired as a component to your existing dining room set, it will make it easier for you and your guests to maneuver around the room without the awkward squeezes through bulky chairs and the like.

For your living room, you can use the same vertical space concept for creating the illusion of more space. A sleek, wall-to-wall-to-ceiling shelving unit in your living room is great for storage and displaying family keepsakes, as well as establishing the ultimate entertainment center.

If the idea of a shelving unit isn’t how you would like to create space, you can also purchase decorative screen partitions in earth-tone colors that will effortlessly conceal unsightly storage and greatly enhance your living room décor overall.

There you have it folks! You no longer have to daydream about the day you move into a bigger space to manifest your true home décor dreams! By just changing your perception on what you already have, you will no longer have any complaints and will appreciate your little space that much more!

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