The Wicklow Residence is the perfect example of a cottage renovation project paying homage to the existing structure. Over two hundred years old, the original stone built cottage was small and needed an expansion in order to create a better flow throughout the home. KLD (Kingston | Lafferty Design) partnered with the renovation company Renova, and did that.

Upon entering the home you’re taken to the main floor living area where the kitchen rests between a comfortable living room and relaxing dining room. Starting in the living room, you can immediately see where the original stone wall has been opened up and reinforced with a rustic wooden header. Boasting the perfect pairing of modern and antique furniture which sits affront of a hand carved wooden fireplace, the living room plays its part very well in the hybrid cottage. Limed oak floors carry us into the U-shaped kitchen, which is clearly part of the new expansion to the cottage renovation, consisting of smoky shaker style cabinetry that has been painted in a solid French Grey. It ends on a peninsula that acts as the divider to an open and airy dining room. Partially encased in glass, the dining room holds a hand crafted wood table which is surrounded by a mix of new and old furniture, just like the living room.

Throughout the cottage we find a swirl of new and old influences in the furniture, décor, and structure. Walls are draped with classic paintings, antique shelves, and damask prints are featured in tiles and textiles. One of the main goals of the renovation was to create storage in the cottage. That was certainly accomplished with the clever placement and utilizing of areas under the stairs and within the depth of the walls. Not often can a mash-up of modern design and antique comfort co-exist in a natural way, but the Wicklow residence has achieved that in more than one way.

Vintage Side Table-(5)

Images courtesy of Kingston | Lafferty Design

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