Laleema Kuthiala



Laleema is an architect by training and an explorer by instinct who loves to read between the lines. She is enthused by the possibilities that design and the creative arts offer in space and time. Her instincts and intentions have thus led her to examine different modalities of expression including writing, graphics, spatial design, clay, paint and sound. Inspired by the power of the word to evoke a human response, she expanded beyond her mainstream practise as an architect to work as a full and part time writer/ editor. Having lived and worked in Mumbai, London and Delhi, she has penned her thoughts for architectural magazine ‘Indian Architect & Builder’ as resident Writer and Associate Editor, as well as ghost-written for various online design resources and blogs. Adorable Home is now her platform to voice, share and experience beauty and creative triumph with readers worldwide.  When away from her writing pad and laptop, she continues to explore through books, travel, meditations, the holistic arts and good conversation.

Articles by Laleema:

Gradient Matter Modern Wooden Coffee Table

The animated conversation and shifting dynamics that go with coffee inspire this unique piece from idea and design studio Gradient Matter. Hand crafted in San Francisco, [...]

A Romantic Cottage Amid the Cornish Moors

You won’t believe the explosion of colors this adorable English cottage hides insides! Curious to see?

Texan Style Rustic Mountain Cabin

The rustic charm of a wood cabin is enthused with bold generosity and elaborate charm in the 3,500 square foot Austin Cabin. This rustic mountain cabin, [...]

5 Tips on How to Style a Coffee Table

Commanding center stage in your living room, your coffee table anchors the personality of your home. How you style a coffee table determines the tone and [...]

Contemporary Coffee Table From Polit

‘4 Times’ is modern coffee table that changes according to your current needs thanks to a moving shelf within. Learn more!

Space Saving Convertible Furniture

Tame those space constraints with contemporary solutions in adaptive furniture. Ideal for cramped urban spaces that leave little room for indulgences and imagination, this space saving [...]

Kissed by Style: Attic Loft in Prague

A great mixture of attic spaces in calming colors and stylish furniture awaits you in this lovely loft apartment in Prague. Enjoy!

Gorgeous Mountain Cabin in Colorado

What would your dream home in the woods be like? Take a look at this beautiful mountain cabin in Colorado.

The Best of Cornwall in a Stylish Country Cottage

Not just a place to get away for the weekend, but a place where traditional and modern merge in a unique symbiosis. Step inside!

Big Savings in The Smallest Apartment

Drawing from the compact utility of a Swiss army knife, this innovative design fits all the basic living needs into the smallest apartment you may have [...]

Luxury Black Interior Render Gothic Ambitions in 3D

This luxury loft apartment in Los Angeles celebrates the Gothic style in a very stylish way. The interior is absolutely stunning!

Magnificent Contemporary Villa in Greece

This modern holiday home in Greece promises a great vacation for those who seek seclusion and enjoy marvelous sea views.

Bold ideas find home in contemporary loft apartment

A stunning apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria, the Park Loft residence is a careful arrangement of clean lines and composed volumes that come together to embody the [...]

Concrete Fireplaces That Stir a Living Room Up!

A beautiful concrete fireplace is a great asset to your modern home. Here are some awesome examples.

Contemporary Residence in Cabo San Lucas

Olson Kundig Architects, along with interior designer Terry Hunziker, shine with their design for this single family residence in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Drawing on the [...]

This English Beach Hut Is Anything But Corny!

From breathtaking views to practical comforts and romantic touches, this adorable beach hut has it all! Come inside!

How to Achieve a Bohemian Style Home Using Area Rugs

Timeless, chic, and charmingly eclectic.

How to Keep Your Attic Pest Free

By following these simple tips, you can keep your attic pest-free all year round.

6 Home Updates That Are Worth the Money

Learn what are the best kinds of improvements that will actually be money well spent.

6 Practical Ways To Prep Your Home For Colder Weather

Colder months and greater heating expenses are coming.

Best Balcony Glass Railing Designs

Let’s check out some factors that you should consider while opting for balcony railings.

9 Simple Tips for Decorating Your First Apartment on a Budget

Decorate your apartment in style without breaking the bank.

How to Speed Up Your House’s Sale

It can feel impossible to get your home sold quickly, but don’t panic just yet – there are a few things you can do.

4 Safety Tips to Protect Your Home

Every time you step foot outside your home, you should feel confident knowing that your property is secure.

Impress Your Guests: 5 Tips to Set up an Extra-Special Guest Room

Use our tips to create a welcoming room space.

Choosing the Best Design Style for Your Home

Designing your home can be a fun and exciting process. Re-invent a space that looks great and feels like home.

Looking to Improve Your Outdoor Patio? These Tips Will Help!

Be the most popular house on the block!

5 Cleaning Tips to Transform Your Garage

Just remember that while it might seem like a difficult job, you will be able to get through the mess.

How to Make Your Garden Summer Ready

Create the perfect outdoor area to spend your summer evenings with family and friends.

How to Plan and Organize an Interstate Move

Planning and organizing your interstate move can go smoothly if you’re up to the task.

Upgrade Your Home Security with a Smart Lock

Installing smart locks is a simple, low-cost way to simplify your life while also protecting home from break-ins.

4 Steps for Dealing with Odors in Your House

There are loads of reasons why your home could have a foul odor, and there are also many ways to fix it.

5 Tips for Choosing Wooden Blinds for Your Home

Ensure that the wooden blinds you pick are functional, affordable, and meet all your needs.

3 Practical Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

A bathroom upgrade is a worthwhile investment as it provides you with the comfort you need.

How to Design Your Room Like an Influencer

Making your room Instagram-worthy is all about planning, researching, and making informed decisions.

7-Step Guide to Build Your Dream Home from the Ground Up

7 steps to the construction of your ideal home.

4 Insider Secrets to Designing a Bedroom

Here are 4 secret tips for designing a bedroom that will make you happy.

7 On-A-Budget Décor Tips for Student Apartment

Save money and transform your student apartment into a masterpiece.

How to Keep Your Rental Property in Top Shape for Max Profits

Reduce your workload, maximize your profits.

Planning to Sell Your House? Are You Aware of These Tax Implications?

Selling a home can be a complex process.

What Clocks Work Best in a Traditional Living Room?

Something that you have to have in your living room is a clock.

3 Uses for Your Garage if You Don’t Have a Car

Your garage can be used as much more than a storage space. Here is how!

Achieve a Timeless Interior Design You Will Never Get Bored Of

Create a design that stands the test of time.

Practical Design Considerations for a Senior-Friendly Home

Make some modifications to ensure the house is safe.

How to Fix Gutter Joint Separation

Don’t take chances with gutter joint separation. Ensure your gutters are leak-free and rivet-sturdy.

Design Your Front Door Individually

An individually designed front door is not meant to be just the entrance to a building.

Factors To Consider When Hiring an Architect for Your Dream Home

Do your research and be sure with your choice.

7 Reasons to Have a Backyard Shed

Learn more about the great benefits you could enjoy from having a backyard shed.

How to Solve Basic Plumbing Issues

Learn more about the fundamental plumbing issues and how to fix them.

7 Amazing Ideas That Will Transform Your Guest Bathroom

Amaze your guests as soon as they step through the door.

The Slopes: How Decorate a Ski Lodge According to Your Style

Create a unique space that will reflect your personality.

5 Different Types of Window Coverings: Which One is Best for You?

Choose what best suits your needs.

5 Benefits of Kitchen Renovation

Think a kitchen renovation might be in order but aren’t entirely sold on it, yet? Well, read on.

How to Handle 5 of the Most Common Roof Problems

Take time to check for these roof problems and take action now to avoid costly repairs.

5 Essential Tips for a Cross Country Move With Kids

By following these tips, you can make the process a lot less stressful.

Broadband for a Garden Office

It can be difficult to get a good connection when your office isn’t inside your home.

4 Common Problems with Residential Furnaces Every Homeowner Should Know

Keep your furnace in good condition.

5 Home Improvements that Hurt Your Property Value

Think strategically about your property upgrades.

Hot Lighting Trends for 2022

As other design solutions follow trends, so does lighting. Learn what’s trendy today and how to brighten up your home with style.

Smart Economical Lighting Ideas

When it comes to smart home lighting, simple ideas are often the best, both inside and outside.

6 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Design your home to your satisfaction.

What to Get Secondhand and What to Buy New for Your First Home

Take off some of the financial stress.

Top Ideas on How to Use Mirrors in Interior Design

“Dress” interiors with reflecting items and make the most of mirrors.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Professional Mobile Sandblasting Company

Here are some recruiting considerations to keep in mind.

Here’s What You Absolutely Need in a Ceiling Fan

Things like size, number of blades, design, could make all the difference to whether your fan works well in your space or not.

Kitchen Flooring 101: 3 Things to Know

A kitchen can be the most heavily trafficked part of a home, so it’s just but fitting to choose the flooring wisely.

7 Benefits of Stainless Steel Fabrication In Homes

Let the many benefits of stainless steel bring you to making wise choices for your home.

5 Ways to Turn Your Passion for Interior Design into a Job

Here’s how to land your dream job!

How to Organize a House Move from One Continent to Another

Ensure a convenient and stress-free move.

How to Fund Your Home Renovations: 5 Options to Consider

Funding options that can come in handy when revamping.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Roofing Company

A good roof is key to keeping your home in great condition, so make sure you hire the best team.

6 Tips to Ensure Your HVAC Is Working Perfectly All Year Round

Prevent minor issues from turning into major repairs.

How and Where to Shop for a New Boiler

There’s just a lot to love about modern heating systems that an older model simply can’t live up to.

5 Kitchen Gadgets for People Who Love to Cook

Kitchen gadgets are designed to make our time in the kitchen simpler and more enjoyable.

6 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances for a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy eating is impossible without proper kitchen appliances.

Growing Indoor Flower Gardens

Try these tips to grow an indoor flower garden and bask in the beauty of blooming plants all year long!

Landscape Design Ideas for Your Backyard

Follow the four landscape design ideas in this article to get your backyard landscaping project off to a great start.

4 Crucial Gutter Maintenance and Repair Tips

Keeping your gutters in good condition should be one of your top home maintenance priorities.

5 Ways to Make an Open Plan Living Space Feel Warm & Cozy

Curate a space that offers you intimacy and comfort.

5 Ideas to Make Your Home Stylish and Functional

Here’s how to create the perfect marriage between style and functionality.

5 Tips for Making Your Home Feel Homey

With these tips, you can easily create a cozy, inviting environment in your home.

4 Stylish Garden Enclosures for Modern Homes

Introduce a bit of privacy, protection, and security to your home while also upgrading your outdoor space.

How to Prepare Your Home for Power Outage Emergencies in 2022

Here’s how to survive any inconvenient power outage.

When Remodeling Your Home, What Project Should be Prioritized?

Prioritize renovations that can add value to your home.

5 Best Ways to Finance Home Improvements

Before you start your home improvement project, you need to establish your timeline and budget. Here’s how.

Reasons for Having Skirting Boards at Home

Skirting boards are among the most loved and sought after architectural and structural details.

5 Tips for Picking Out Kitchen Cabinets

Are you considering updating your kitchen cabinets to achieve your new dream kitchen? Here’s how!

6 Ways to Make Your Land a Valuable Asset

Ensure the property has good access, provide for utilities, and enhance the curb appeal.

How to Choose the Right Bed? A Quick Guide

There are so many factors that decide sleep quality – but ultimately – it all comes down to the bed!

7 Home Insurance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Get the most out of your home insurance.

5 Essential Cleaning Tools for a Spotless Home

let’s open that closet and check whether we have all the essential cleaning tools.

How to Prevent Residential Plumbing Emergencies

Learn more about how to keep your residential plumbing system damage free.

12 Reasons to Get a Solar Audit for Your Home

Read about the importance of having a solar audit for your home and the ways to maximize it.

Going Solar? 6 Tips to Prepare Your Home

Ensure that your home can efficiently use solar panels, saving money and the environment in the long run.

Water Heater Leaking from Top: 6 Things to Do

Water heaters are prone to leaking, and you may experience it too. Read this blog to learn how to repair them.

6 Tips When Building a Storage Shed

Whether you plan to build a DIY shed or erect a prefabricated shed, we have some tips for you.

How to Ensure Privacy for Your Outdoor Space

While the exterior area at the front provides a welcoming curb appeal, backyard space is a zone of privacy.

Spring Cleaning and Decluttering for a Healthier Home

Revitalize not just your home but also your life.

Top Kitchen Updates to Improve Your Home’s Value

Learn which kitchen updates are worth your money and time and boost your home’s resale value.

7 Most Popular Types of Doors For Closets

Check the list of common types of interior doors for closets and choose what type suits for you.

8 Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal When Your Home Looks Dull

Go for improvements that have long-term value.

5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

It’s always important to keep the air quality of your home good. Learn how to do that.

Where Is the Best Place to Install Your HVAC Unit?

Finding the right spot is crucial to enjoying comfortable indoor temperatures.

What to Look for When Choosing a Siding Contractor

Ensure your home looks great and feels comfortable.

The Pros and Cons оf Commercial Composting

Commercial composting ensures the decomposition of home and business organic waste using various equipment and technology.

7 Decorating Tips For Your Open-Concept Living Room

Decore your living room like a pro.

3 Fun Outdoor DIY Projects For Your Garden

If you want some fun DIY projects with sunshine and fresh air, then we’ve got some awesome tasks for your garden.

What to Consider Before Buying a Home in a Resort Town

Living in a resort town is a dream for many people.

Solar Panel Leasing: Is It Worth It?

This article will help you understand the choice between solar panel leasing vs buying.

Essential Organization Tips for a Long-Distance Move

Make sure your new beginning starts properly.

How Do I Choose a New HVAC System?

Here are a few factors that you should consider when choosing the best option for your family.

Electrician 101: 7 Signs Your Home’s Electrical Wiring May Be Faulty

Safeguard your home from potentially damaging fires.

How to Achieve Sustainable Living with Modern Technology

Modern technology can make your life greener at home.

How to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space for Summer Entertaining

Summer is just about to roll in, get ready!

4 Things to Know about Pellet Grills

Pellet grills can help you create some delicious food and are a lot of fun to use.

3 Steps for Choosing and Placing a Beautiful Wall Clock

Hanging a stylish wall clock is a great way to add homey feel.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Foundation

Maintaining your home’s foundation is essential in keeping yourself and the property safe.

4 Home Improvement Tips for a Smart Home

Turn your home into a smart home and elevate your comfort and luxury levels.

5 Cool Things to Do with Old Mattresses

Decrease the amount of garbage going to the landfill and reduce your footprints upon the world.

Five Steps to Take Before Finishing Your Basement

If a finished basement is on your to-do list, now is the time to get started on the project.

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Moving from the City to the Country

Ensure a smooth and pleasant transition.

How to Choose a New Mattress

Your mattress is one of the fundamental factors that affect your sleep quality.

How to Choose a Good HVAC Company?

Look for professionals with specialized expertise and the credentials to justify them.

5 Benefits of Renting Storage Units When Moving or Downsizing

Safe and secure way to store your possesions.

5 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Home Healthier

Use these design tips for a healthy home to create harmony and balance in your favorite space.

A Homeowner’s Quick Guide to Basement Waterproofing

With home maintenance, prevention is better than cure.

How to Establish a Backup Water Source for Your Home

Water is essential for your survival.

5 Tools You Should Have for Your Woodworking Project

Whatever your dream project is, you need these tools.

How to Bring the Comforts of Indoor Living to Your Backyard

Establish a luxurious, elevated outdoor living space for your home.

Can a Sustainable Landscape Still Be Beautiful?

A sustainable landscape should be a top priority for any homeowner.

5 Crucial Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Ensure your home functions optimally while preparing it for the warmer weather.

How to Know When Your Water Heater Needs Replacing

These are signs that it’s time to replace your water heater.

When to Replace Your Faucets

It is important to know whether it is best to repair or replace the faucet.

4 Tips to Keep Your House Cool with Retractable Awnings

Looking for ways to beat the summer heat? Read on!

How to Disguise Your Boiler in the Kitchen

Here are seven disguises to make your boiler incognito and enjoy a stylish kitchen.

The Intricate Connection Between Home Decoration and Mental Health

The interior of your house can influence your mental health.

Blending Minimalism with the Free-Spirited Self-Expression of Boho-Chic

Here’s how to combine two distinct design styles.

Top 5 Benefits of Stone Worktops

Stone worktops are powerful enough to create a lasting impression. Discover more about the benefits of stone worktops.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Solar Battery

Choose the right solar battery for your home.

Great Living Room Decoration Ideas That Will Increase the Aesthetic Appeal Of Your Home

Make the living room the star of your home.

How to Create Stunning Loft-Style Design for Your House or Apartment

Recreate the loft aesthetics in your home design.

4 Common Household Repair Issues and Their Solutions

Even the best houses run into problems every now and then.

Choosing the Ideal Bed Frame for Your Interior Design Style in 3 Easy Steps

Find a bed frame that perfectly matches your style.

5 Best Materials for a Front Door

Ensure your home’s front door is functional, appealing, and up to your expectations.

The Ideal Getaway: Interior Design Choices That Hook Vacation Renters

Give your guests the most pleasant experience.

A Guide to Study Room Interior Design

You can easily and quickly transform how your workplace looks and feels.

A Child’s Paradise: Must-Have Essentials for Every Playroom

Your child will love their new playroom.

7 Common Interior Design Mistakes That Are Making Your Home Less Ideal

Create the home of your dreams.

How a Customized Fire Pit Can Improve Your Outdoor Space

Create your own wam slice of heaven.

7 Ways a Beautiful Home Office Pod Will Change Your Life

Invest in your workspace.

5 Reasons to Utilize Steel in Residential and Commercial Construction

A well worthy material.

4 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Dining Room

Dining rooms don’t have to appear dull. Add different aspects to enhance that area in your home.

What Should You Not Do When Remodeling a House?

Here’s how to avoid some common mistakes.

Easy Tips for Small Home Improvements with a Big Impact

How to make the most out of the situation.

5 Luxury Home Renovations and Remodels to Consider for Your Home

Get one step closer to your dream home.

7 Tips to Furnish a Vacation Rental House Like a Professional Designer

Pay close attention to the details.

How to Declutter Your House to Improve Your Home

Declutter your house the easy way.

Tempting Reasons to Invest in a Luxury Home

Even though buying a luxury home is a significantly large investment choice, it’s definitely worth it.

7 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Home

Buying a new home isn’t only a big-ticket investment; it’s also a life-altering decision.

Top 6 Tips When Choosing Your Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays an essential role in boosting your home’s appeal.

How to Know if Your Roof Is Safe for Solar Panel Installation

What to consider before roof solar panel installation.

5 Flooring Tips and Tricks to Give Your Home a New Look

Give your home a new look by trying out these flooring tips.

When Is It Time to Call Professional Home Cleaners?

Make your life easier and stress-free.

How to Safely Trim Trees

These tips can be a great start if you are planning to give the trees in your property some pruning and maintenance.

How Can You Add a Bit More Life and Character to Your Home

Play around with the decorating style in your home.

5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets

Spruce up your kitchen’s overall look and improve your kitchen’s functionality.

4 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Right Window Installer

Installing or replacing windows should be done by professionals.

Considerations on Hiring the Right Appliances Repair Services

Find trustworthy household appliances repair services.

7 Tips for Organizing Your Home in 2022

If you’re a homeowner, over the years, your home becomes cluttered, crowded, and unorganized.

Should You Turn the AC Off if It Is Not Cooling?

Maintaining your HVAC system and making necessary repairs will ensure that you stay cool all year long.

7 HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season

Here are a few maintenance considerations to keep in mind to keep your HVAC system in top form.

4 Elements You Didn’t Realize Your Living Room Needs

Spruce up the living room.

How Siding Can Improve Home Protection and Appeal

Here’s why siding is worth it.

How to Dispose of Small Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances form an integral part of modern homes, but at some point they become non-functional.

Planning a Home Remodel? Here Are 10 Tips to Get the Best Results

Good home remodel planning is a must.

5 Interior Renovation Trends We’re Loving in 2022

Every year, different interior design trends emerge and 2022 is no different.

Working From Home? Here Are 4 Tips to Improve Your Workspace

Here’s how to create the perfect work environment.

The Outdoor Fireplace Becomes One of 2022’s Top Outdoor Features

Turn any casual lounge area into a luxurious-yet-cozy space.

Why Garden Room Offices Are Becoming so Popular

Great for both your personal life and your business.

5 Living Room Design Trends to Inspire Your Home Makeover

Achieve your desired living room style and theme.

How to Achieve Ombre Effect on Interior Walls

Learn the techniques of applying an ombre effect on a wall to get the best result.

4 Qualities to Look for in a Moving Company

Having confidence and peace of mind during your move can help reduce the stress of relocating.

How to Easily Start Your Own Dome Tent Glamping Resort

Here is how to become a glamping resort owner.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home

Make sure that you are careful, so you can get through the home buying process as smoothly as possible.

8 Renovation Projects That Can Transform an Old Property

Make your old property more habitable and attractive.

4 Eclectic Ways to Decorate Your Home Using Framed Art

Decorate your home with framed art, the eclectic way.

See Why Ombre Effect on Walls Is Becoming So Popular in 2022

You can easily apply ombre effect to your home decor.

Apartment Décor: How to Style a Confined Place?

Intelligent and detailed ideas on how to style your own home.

Everything You Need to Know About Dormer Conversions

Is a dormer loft right for you?

5 Ways to Go Eco-Friendly at Home

There are plenty of things that you can do on a personal level to help the environment.

5 Popular Design Themes to Create a Special Ambiance in Your Bedroom

Pick your favorite bedroom theme.

Choosing the Right Radiator for Your Home

Have a better understanding of the different types of radiators.

How to Start a Home Décor Business

If you are interested in interior designing but you don’t have the degree, starting a home decor business is a great choice.

Signs Your Solar Panels Need Repairs

You won’t know that your solar panel requires repairs until you carry out an inspection.

Different Ways to Decorate Your Home with Touches of Nature

Use plants as decor points in your home.

Styling Your Home for Winter

Changing up your home decor according to the seasons is a great way to refresh your living space.

10 Sustainable Ways to Save Water Without Much Effort

Here is how to save water without changing your lifestyle.

4 Benefits of Selling a House to a Home Investor

The most convenient way to sell your home when you have limited time and are hard-pressed for cash.

Why Should You Go with Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows are the best units when it comes to overall performance.

3 Advantages of Building a Home vs. Buying

If you were on the fence about building vs. buying, this article is your sign to build, build, build!

Choosing Tile for Your Home

Tiles need to be practical for the intended use of the room, but you want it to be eye-catching and trendy.

Furniture Design Trends of 2022

Learn which trends are not relevant anymore and which ones are becoming fashionable.

7 Helpful Home Additions to Keep Your Kids Happy & Healthy

Here’s how to keep the kids entertained.

Your Guide to Homeowners Insurance

You may think that having homeowners’ insurance is optional, but it’s not quite so.

Going Away for the Weekend? Here’s How to Keep Your Valuables Safe!

Ensure that your home is safe.

How to Blend Your HVAC Unit with Interior Design

Here’s how to resolve the issue of form and function when it comes to your HVAC system.

5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Making home improvements over time can dramatically increase a home’s value when it’s time to sell.

How to Revamp Your Dining Area on a Budget

If you want to give your dining room a facelift, there are plenty of ways to do it on a budget.

4 Garage Upgrades to Improve Home Value

A garage project can be a big undertaking, but it’s also one that’ll be worth it in the long run.

5 Home Issues Which Must be Dealt with Quickly

There are some home issues that fall into the category of serious and urgent.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself when Choosing a Mattress

Replacing your mattress in the near future?

Scandinavian Design: How to Make the Most of It

Enjoy chic simplicity, clean lines, light pastel color palettes, and materials in harmony with natural environment.

Creating Cool Pillows for the Whole Family

If you want to refresh the look of your home interior without a great investment, DIY pillows is a perfect place to start.

The Easiest Way to Get Your Home Ready for Guests

Here’s how to get your home party-ready.

How to Make Your House Safer for You and Your Family

Ensure your house stays safe for you and your family.

Keep Rodents Away During Home Renovation

Rodents are among the most common wild home invaders at present.

8 Exterior Home Improvements You Can Bring to Life in Summer

Summer is the best time for putting your house in order.

Letting Your Style Simmer: 6 Kitchen Styles to Consider

Picking a style for your kitchen is a challenge.

Why 100-Year-Old Berkel Slicing Machines Are Evergreen Home Decor Items

Authentic historical masterpieces.

Unique Home with Unusual Distribution in Barcelona

Unique residence built on the top floor of a 20th century building.

7 Reasons to Opt for an Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is an ultimate winner if you consider different factors between a traditional fireplace and an electric model.

Best Ways to Combat Summer Heat at Home

Summer is that time of the year when temperatures are too high and everyone wants to make their home cool.

Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Restaurant’s Patio

Combine nice furniture with good food.

10 Summer Remodelling Ideas for Your Attic

Attics are no longer considered just a space for storage. Turn yours into a lovely and comfortable space.

5 Quirky Decor Ideas to Make Your Rented Home Your Own

Make your rented home feel cozy and personal.

5 Ways to Protect the Beauty of Your Lawn

With a little bit of forethought, you will have less to do and more time to enjoy your yard.

Tips for Waterproof Basement Construction

If you experience water in your basement or leaks in your foundation walls, you better take immediate action.

Designing a Basement Gaming Room: 5 Essential Tips

A gaming room is a great idea whether you have kids or not.

Mold Prevention Training for Homeowners

Mold is one of the most dangerous types of household contamination and can cause health problems in humans.

5 Bedroom Upgrades That You Simply Won’t Resist

What could you possibly do to spruce up your bedroom even more?

Factors That Will Make Your Property Tax Go Up

Property tax increases as the value of your property also increases.

Can Fixing Foundation Problems Improve Your House Price?

Ensure a high valuation of your property.

Window Installation Dos and Don’ts

There is plenty to consider when installing windows in order to maximize their effectiveness.

How to Renovate a Kitchen on a Budget

Small fixes and upgrades can make a huge difference to your kitchen’s look.

Most Common Glue Products for Household Use

Here is a list of the common glue products you can use for your DIY home projects.

9 Common Roof Problems and How to Fix Them

Proper care and maintenance will ensure that your roof remains in tip-top condition all year round!

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Minimalist Interior Design

Тranslate the idea of ‘less is more’.

Build Your Dream Backyard Workshop

There’s no reason your dream workspace has to wait any longer. Get building!

5 Vintage Bathroom Decor Ideas

Here is how to easily and inexpensively create a vintage look in your bathroom.

The Most Important Elements of Curb Appeal: Adding Value to Your Homes Exterior

Enhancing the exterior of your home.

5 Secrets about Bathroom Renovation in 2022

These tips will make you feel excited and comfortable as you await your bathroom transformation.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Deck Builder

Deckbuilding is not a piece of cake. Make sure to choose your builder wisely.

4 Ways to Bring Maximalist Style into Your Home

Your home should become a showcase of your taste and be a visual interpretation of your personality.

A Guide on How to Keep Your Home in Top Condition

Pay attention to these issues to keep your home in top shape.

How to Protect Your House from Dangerous Pests?

We can protect our house from dangerous pests. Let’s find out how.

7 Tips to Make Your House Summer Ready

Thoroughly preparing for the summer season will allow you to spend much more time outdoors worry-free.

A Unique and Organic Treehouse for Those Who Seek to Meditate and Relax

Top-class luxury in the Balinese jungle.

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Company for Carpet Maintenance

Increase the longevity of your carpet.

3 Ways to Style Your Bedroom

When it comes to bedroom design, you can achieve a lot through the use of color, textiles and layout.

4 Crafty Ideas for Pet-Proofing Your Home

We love our pets, but we can’t help their curiosity. Make sure they don’t overdo it.

How a Robot Can Help You Around the House and Do Your Chores

A robot can do your chores for you.

Benefits of Having an Energy-efficient Home

Embrace green living at home and help the environment further in your way.

Basic Gardening Tips for Beginners that Will Make Your Garden Shine

Have a little fun with your garden!

Design Ideas for Expanding the Space in Your Home

With the arrival of the pandemic, even homes with extra square footage feel small and crowded.

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Furniture

Find everything you need to make your house a beautiful home.

5 Easy Ways to Manage Hard Water Issues

Learn how to manage the issues associated with hard water and protect your home’s plumbing and for your skin!

3 Beautifully Scented Plants for the Kitchen

When it comes to plants for the kitchen you should consider orchids, jasmine and citrus plants.

How Rendering Software Can Help You with Home Interior Projects

Rendering software is more affordable and easier to use.

How to Create the Perfect Living Space for Kids

There is a fine line between messy and lived-in; you just need to find it.

How to Decorate Your House Like an Old Irish Cottage

Achieve this cozy and warm style for your own home.

From Drab to Fabulous: 5 Ways to Update & Modernize Your Bathroom

Transform your out-of-style bathroom into a modern one.

How to Prepare a Comfortable Bedroom for Any Type of Guest

The main priority is the comfort of your guests.

10 Expert Tips to Simplify House Hunting as a First-Time Buyer

Do not overlook these important details.

Save Time and Money by Encapsulating the Crawl Space

Make sure you look after the crawl space.

An Architecture of Joy: Tips and Tricks that Will Make You Feel Happy at Home

10 simple ways to find your joy and feel happy at home.

Table Setting for Various Occasions

Adapting your table setting to your meal, requirements and décor, you can create pure art in the heart of your home.

How to Properly Take Care of Power Tools and Get Maximum Durability

If you want to get your money’s worth, maintain your power tools.

Is Home Automation Right for You?

There are plenty of choices available when setting up your own home automation system, and it’s easy and fun to use.

How to Arrange an Oddly Shaped Living Room

Ideas and tips for specific challenges that usually accompany oddly shaped living spaces.

Ways to Use Your Transitional Rug

Rugs are a simple way to maximize the effect of a room with hardly any effort at all.

The Basics of Mediterranean Home Design: The Key Characteristics

What makes Mediterranean design so appealing?

Crucial Home Maintenance Tasks That Are Easy to Forget

There a lot of things to keep track of, but don’t forget these.

3 Benefits of Having a Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofa is one of the ideal and practical pieces of furniture that remains popular for a lot of customers.

Home Accessories That Everybody Needs

There are many home accessories that every house should have, from essential equipment to funky gadgets.

Key Things to Consider When Choosing a Rental Apartment

Be sure to consider these factors when looking for a rental.

How to Keep Your Stairs Up to Code

Keeping a staircase in line with the building codes is essential to ensure safety for those who regularly use them.

Plumbing Safety: Basic Do’s And Don’ts

To keep you aware of how you can take care of your plumbing safely, make sure to keep these details in mind.

Cleaning Tips: How to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Entering the spring with a clean home can be very satisfying.

10 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal to Attract Buyers

Attracting buyers is all about making a good first impression.

Retractable Utility Knife: A Tool for Home Improvement

A retractable utility knife is a versatile tool.

5 Tips on How to Modernize Your Home’s Interior

Modern homes are bursting with personality! Start feeling proud of your house by following these tips.

Tips to Help You Nail Your Tile Choices

Your tile choices are one interior design decision you don’t want to get wrong.

8 Tips to Clean Your Home Better

You don’t have to spend too much time in rubber gloves to get your home cleaned up.

4 Bedroom Tips to Boost Energy and Productivity

Еnsure that your bedroom helps you get enough rest while also reflecting your personality.

How to Design the Ultimate Kitchen for Entertaining

Make those breakfast and afternoon snack sessions even more enjoyable.

7 Ideas to Improve the Durability of Your Home

By keeping these tips and ideas in mind, you can create a house that’s both stylish and durable.

8 Tips for Keeping Your House Cool During Summer

Air conditioning is not your only option.

5 Flooring Renovation Ideas for Your Home or Office

Installing new floorings can breathe new life into your space.

The Best Places to Find Inspiration for Decorating Your Home

You don’t have to make any decoration decisions on your own.

5 Cool Applications for Millwork

Millwork and molding can make a massive difference in the layout and the overall design vision of any space.

10 Things to Know About Home Restoration

Getting your home damaged can be both stressful and shocking. Here is how to handle it.

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Remodeling Your Kitchen

There is a lot to consider when you are working on a remodel.

6 Reasons to Choose a Steel Built Home

A high-quality steel built home is a cost-effective and fast solution if you have a parcel of land.

The 6 Best Blind Types for Your Home

It’s time to familiarize yourself with the best blind types for your home.

5 Design Tips for a Low-Maintenance Home

If you don’t want to spend lots of time cleaning, you should choose features that require very little maintenance.

Renovating a Home? Here are 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Home renovation can be an overwhelming and expensive task for any homeowner. Do it the right way.

Rancho Avándaro House: Amazing Yellowstone Villa in Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Contemporary interpretation of Mexican construction traditions.

5 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Plumber

Plumbing problems aren’t something that you can solve on your own.

How to Create a Dreamy Boho Bedroom

Here are a couple of handy tips to keep in mind when decorating a boho bedroom.

Villa C: A Modern House in Casablanca Combining Both Modernism and Functionalism

A charming architectural jewel.

These 7 Items Should Be Insured in Every Home

Settle for a home insurance that covers the goods inside your household.

Avoid These Crucial Mistakes When Renovating Your Home

Don’t waste extra funds and ensure an enjoyable result.

4 Design Tips to Upgrade Your Bedroom on a Budget

A few strategic changes can transform your bedroom.

5 Home Appliances You Can DIY Install

Many home appliances take less than an hour to install, and pretty much anyone can do it.

Best DIY Home Decor Crafts to Keep You Entertained During COVID-19

Get creative and take on new hobbies.

Homeowners Insurance: 5 Most Common Property Damage Claims

What damage can happen and how insurance policies react.

6 Top Exterior Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Cleaning your house exterior can be tiring work, but it needs to be done. Here is how.

6 Ways to Maintain Healthy Airflow in Your Home

Maintaining proper and healthy airflow in your home is quite easy to do.

7 Little Changes to Transform Your Bedroom into a Haven of Sleep and Comfort

Make your bedroom the coziest slumber pad of your dreams.

5 Must-Have Knives Every Kitchen Needs

Once you have the essential knives to start your collection, you can add on with additional blades as you see fit.

What to Keep and What to Ditch When Moving to a New Residence

Perfect opportunity to sort out your belongings.

4 Home Renovation Tips for a Shoestring Budget

Define the parameters of your project and your ultimate goals for best results.

6 Ways to Bring Personality into Any Room

Make every room in your home exude your personality without spending a lot of money.

5 Hints and Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Get your home clean and ready for the warmer weather that awaits.

Which Household Pests Should I Be Worried About?

If you suspect that an unwanted visitor has found its way into your home, take action as quickly as possible.

Facing Foreclosure? Here Are 5 Tips to Avoid Foreclosure

Read on and save yourself from facing foreclosure.

Ways to Ensure Your Grass Gets the Proper Nourishment

Ensure that your lawn is able to maintain its sheen and luster.

5 Questions to Answer the Question: Does Your House Have Too Much Furniture?

At what point does a person say that enough is enough?

Move-in Day Dos and Don’ts for First-Time Homeowners

Organizing, coordinating, and preparing.

Simple Tips to Create the Ultimate Boho-Chic Outdoor Oasis

Give your home’s outdoor space a Boho-chic vibe!

Foundation Repair: Reducing the Risk of Injuries at Home

Enjoy a safer home environment.

6 Steps to Take Before Moving into Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be a stressful experience. Here are a few ways to make things easier.

5 Tips for Protecting Your Backyard Garden from Soil Erosion

Put your green thumb to good use.

Hardwood or Carpets: Which is the Better Choice?

There’s no denying that there are pros and cons for both hardwood flooring and carpeting.

Bedroom Décor That Can Enhance Your Sleep Quality

Is a relaxing and well-furnished sleeping space what you’re after?

11 Useful Tips to Layout Your Space with Your Pets in Mind

Keep your home beautiful and accommodate your pets, too.

Top 3 Things to Consider Before You Start Building a Conservatory

Here is how to plan your perfect conservatory.

6 Tips for Giving Your Outdoor Spaces a Luxurious Feel

Transform your outdoor living area into a spa-like resort.

What First Time Sellers Need to Know About Selling Their House

Here is what you need to know before selling your house.

What Are the Benefits of Minimalist Interior Design?

Choose a minimalist design of simplicity, functionality and calmness.

Tips for Adjusting to a Smaller Living Space

While adjusting to a smaller living space may have its challenges, it’s by no means impossible.

Protect Your Home and Your Family from Unwanted Intruders

It’s so vital that we feel safe in our own homes.

Renting vs Buying a Home: The Benefits of Each

This comparison will help you find out which option is best for your specific needs.

How to Make the Most of a Small Bungalow

Bungalows are perhaps the closest thing that we adults have to our childhood ‘playhouses’.

Refresh Your Interior with These 7 Exciting DIY Projects

Easy DIY fixes to spruce up the interior.

How to Frame a Puzzle Effortlessly to Spruce Up Your Home Decor

Fortunately, jigsaw puzzles aren’t going out of style.

Tips for Purchasing in the Right Neighborhood

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect neighborhood for you and your family.

A Beginner’s Guide to Interior Design

Read on to know how even beginners can try their hand at interior design.

How to Effectively Decorate a Small Bedroom

Adjust your expectations, work with the proportions you have, and be strategic in your choices.

How to Make a Room Extra Cozy with Handmade Rugs

Rugs soften a room and make it more inviting.

Alternative Ways to Use Composite Decking in Your Garden

Get creative in your garden.

Beautiful Getaway Villa in the Pine Woods of the Netherlands

Villa Tonden provides the ideal holidays getaway.

5 Different Ways to Use a Glass Garden Room

These glass room ideas will help you improve your outdoor space dramatically!

All Shades of White in a Marvelous Kyiv Apartment

Warm, timeless apartment located in the historical center of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Turn Your Deck Into an Outdoor Living Room

Turn your deck into a fully-fledged outdoor living room that you’ll want to use as often as you can.

Beautiful & Easy-to-Clean Flooring Ideas

Here are 3 easy-to-clean flooring ideas that will match your interior design ambitions.

Why Choosing the Right Window Style Matters

With so many options on the market, it pays to consider what different window styles have to offer.

Buying a Luxury Villa? Here’s What You Should Look For

Make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

Unique Pink and Green Interior in a New York Apartment

Original, bold and non-conventional.

5 Ways to Reduce Allergy Triggers in Your Home

Reduce allergy triggers in your home and provide relief for the sneezing & wheezing sufferers out there…

Restaurant Seating Guide

A restaurant’s seating area plays a crucial role in determining its success. Careful planning is key!

Why Shutters Are an Integral Part of Home Décor

Shutters add the perfect finishing touch to any space and never go out of style.

7 Tips on Starting a Construction Business

Here are some tips that can help you get started on your own company.

Top Five Questions to Ask to Qualify Your Pest Control Company

There are some questions that you shouldn’t skip asking.

Tips to Rearrange Your Home for Remote Work and School

Working and studying remotely can have its advantages.

3 Reasons Why Minimalism in Interior Decor Will Always Be in Style

Minimalism is practical – and it’s beautiful too.

8 Successful Construction Business Models

Here are the most successful construction business models to choose from.

Dealing with High Energy Bills: Tips on How to Save Electricity

Save electricity for a more budget-friendly experience.

Cellulose, Fiberglass, or Mineral: Which Blow-In Insulation Material Is Best for Your Home?

The ideal choice of insulation material depends on several factors.

5 Household Jobs You Can Do with a Step Ladder

There is no household job that is out of reach when you have a step ladder.

How to Make Your Old Home Feel New

Although living in an older home has its perks, adjusting it to modern needs is an absolute must.

Tips for Improving Your Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space can give your home additional value if you utilize it properly.

Working from Home During Covid-19 in Garden Office Pod

Achieve the perfect working environment.

How to Prepare Your House for Every Season

There are plenty of details on how to protect your house from natural elements brought by the changing season.

Living Room Color Palettes Inspired by Natural Landscapes

Nature is full of spectacular color combinations.

Five Design Tips for Desert Houses

Before eyeing out a home in a desert destination, you should consider some crucial design features.

5 Home Staging Tips to Guarantee a Sale

Make your home the best possible version of itself!

Got a Leak? How to Find It and What You Can Do About It

How to find and fix a leak as quickly as possible.

Feel the Breeze When You Swap Out a Light Fixture for a Ceiling Fan

Upgrade any room and save on energy costs.

The Sympathy Apartment in Brazil: A Modern Duplex Home

Top-of-the-line modern city apartment design.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Prepping Your Home for Winter

Stay cozy and comfortable until spring comes again.

Scalpellino House: The Beauty of Natural Stone in a Modern Family Home

Contemporary design meets family heritage.

The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort: An Idyllic Paradise Destination

Experience the genuine beauty of a pristine natural environment.

How Can 3D Visualization Help You Envision Your Interior Design Project

3D rendering helps both, professionals and home-owners.

7 Factors to Consider While Creating the Ideal Student Bedroom

Ensure good rest after long hours of study.

5 Soothing Tips to Make Your Home Stress Free

By making changes to our home and routine we can reduce tension and find ourselves in a more relaxed state of mind.

Electrical Mistakes to Avoid When Doing DIY Repairs

Here is a list of electrical mistakes and some solutions.

How to Buy the Perfect Washing Machine: A Short Guide

Doing the laundry could be an easy task.

Murphy’s Law in Roofing: Everything That Can Go Wrong Without Proper Roof Maintenance

Not paying attention to minor issues can lead to bigger and more expensive repairs down the road!

Selecting the Right Contractor for the Job

employ a reliable contractor with experience, expertise, and excellent customer service.

Comparing Traditional & Contemporary Kitchen Styles

Ornate decor & classic cabinetry, or sleek & modern look?

How to Make the Most Out of a Small Yard

Useful tips to help you make the best out of the limited space in a small backyard.

How to Decorate a Home with Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers and live plants are among the best options to decorate your home.

LLP House in Brazil: The Perfect Mix of Urban and Tropical

A close-to-nature urban beach house.

Elements of Nature to Help You Create an Outdoor Oasis Inside Your Home

The unique beauty outdoors adds to a home’s interiors.

Looking to Buy a New Home? 3 Things You Should Do Before Signing on the Dotted Line

Buying a home is a huge commitment. Do not rush.

Essential Home Maintenance Projects Not to Forget

Take care of the comfort and functionality of your home. Do not forget these 5 tasks!

3 Upgrades to Make Your Home More Efficient

Spending a small amount now to upgrade your property can save you a lot of money later on.

What You Need to Know Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Research as much as you can about your HVAC contractor.

The Most Important Elements of Every House

Things like plumbing, insulation, heating system, or electrical wiring are unsung heroes of every home.

7 Ways to Improve Your Backyard Dining Area

Consider turning part of your backyard into a usable dining area. It will motivate you to entertain and relax more.

What to Consider when Starting a Home Renovation

To help you successfully accomplish your renovation plans, we are offering here a few useful tips to consider.

7 Cool Ways to Jazz Up a Child’s Bedroom

There are lots of little additions you can make to a child’s room to make it stand out.

Top Modern Developments in Renewable Energy Every Homeowner Needs

Cutting edge technologies for every eco-conscious homeowner.

7 Musts for Homeowners and Realtors to Host the Perfect Open House

Get premium offers and sell your property quickly.

Contemporary Industrial Style Flat with Some Vintage Touches in Barcelona

Amazing classical apartment transformation.

Home-Sweet-Home Décor

Before hitting the home furniture and decoration stores, here are a few key tips that you’ll find helpful.

How to Make Your Bathroom a Cozy and Comfortable Fortress

Your guide in transforming your bathroom into a new space!

12 Ways to Use Patterned Wood in Your Home

Try crazy designs, different colors, and new surfaces to create a rustic feel while enhancing your home’s interior.

Ditching the Mattress Foundation is Trendy— but is it Comfortable?

Let’s review the benefits of a mattress foundation.

Stylish Black and White Loft in Ukraine

A color palette in predominant white with contrasting elements in black and a ton of creativity.

Is It a Good Idea to Install Glass Doors in a Living Room?

Glass doors have become an attribute of private housing.

Home Design Upheaval: How Your Home Can Change in a Matter of Weeks

Make your home feel new without a huge time commitment!

Hues, Décor, and Feng Shui: 6 Ways to Attain the Perfect Living Room Balance

Don’t forget about the hidden details.

What’s the Best Mattress Firmness For Your Sleeping Needs

Determine the firmness level that you find comfortable.

Amazing Advice to Help Secure a Home Sale in 2022

Secure the best possible home sale this year.

Calming Bedroom Ideas

Redecorate your bedroom in 5 easy steps and start getting the best rest of your life.

Crosby Loft: Unique Studio Apartment with a Russian Twist

Unique space dominated by expressive blue tone.

5 Crucial Things You Need to Know Before Building Your Home

Make your home building experience to be a memorable one.

Making Your Attic Livable

It’s not easy to convert dark, possibly damp spaces into warm and livable environments. Here is how to make your attic livable!

8 Ways to Make Your Master Bedroom a Relaxing Retreat

Create a safe haven to decompress after a hectic day.

Soothing Colors and Delicate Textures in a Taiwan Apartment

Inspired by the low-key misty colors of a rare natural phenomenon.

How to Visualise a Kitchen Redesign

It’s difficult to visualise what a kitchen will look like before it’s actually made reality. Here’s the solution.

Six Wedding Decorations You Can Reuse as Home Décor

Save the memories after you walk down the aisle.

Build or Buy: A Quick Guide to Help You Decide What’s Best for You

Learn what are the advantages and disadvantages.

How to Do Home Electrical Repairs

Here’s how things work and how to safely complete the most common electrical repairs.

Five Attractive Alternatives to a Vegetable Patch

If you have yearned for a vegetable patch for a long time, here are 5 attractive alternatives to try out.

How to Approach Home Decor as a Digital Nomad

New to the remote work life? Here are some ideas as to how to approach home decor when you don’t have a permanent home.

A Contemporary Barn in the UK Becomes the Perfect Holiday Family Home

Spectacular project of a holiday home.

A Palette of Pastel Colors in a Tokyo Apartment

A seductive euphoria of colors, textures and shapes ensures maximum aesthetics.

What to Look for in Your First Apartment

Trying to find an apartment can be tricky. Here’s what to look for in your first apartment.

Classic Chic and Modern Art in a Sidney Family Home

A true jewel of sophisticated top-class interior design.

4 Smart Gadgets You Need for the Bedroom

Are you seeking to take your sleep a notch higher by elevating your bedroom experience?

10 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Total Makeover

A few updates to get your kitchen looking like you spent a fortune to redo it.

Spring Gardening Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for the Summer

Here are our