Taking the first steps into a welcoming entryway is the moment you feel you’re home. And it is in the entryway that your guests will get the first impressions about your family, your lifestyle, and your aesthetic preferences.

So, how to create the most welcoming entryway? And how to make it both functional but also impressive?

Here below you can find a few great entryway ideas and smart tips about it.

Choosing the right furniture

Entrance halls are all of various sizes, layouts and designs. Their purpose is however always the same, so there are a few common furniture items you’ll find in any entryway, such as a bench or storage bench, a coat rack, a shoe rack, a side table for keys and the daily mail.

Luckily, these, too, come in various sizes, shapes and designs, conveniently allowing you to choose the right ones that would match your particular home entryway.

Spacious Entryway In White And Wood
Image credit: Locale Design Build

Our advice: Think about comfort! Consider the usual routines of all the members of your family when going out or coming home and choose according furniture. To avoid clutter and have everything clean and well organized, it would be best to have most storage items closed, complementing them with a few open shelves for hats or some decorative items.

Another good piece of advice would be: Use vertical space as much as possible. Even in larger houses entrance halls are limited in floor area. The vertical layout features however allow enough space to accommodate both functional as well as decorative items, such as wall hangers, wall cabinets, and various wall decorations. Continue reading below …

And one last tip: Don’t stuff the entryway with too much or too large furniture. Sofas, couches, armchairs or huge cabinets or wardrobes don’t have place there. The entryway is an actively trafficked area and you need to ensure as much unobstructed passage through, as possible. The best alternatives are built-in closets, low narrow sitting benches and side tables.

Finally, in case your home does not have an actual entryway, using the right furniture items you can create one. A tall double-sided bookshelf, for example, would be a smart way to create the illusion of an entry hall when mounted so as to partially “block” the direct entry from the front door into the living area. Low profile furniture items are also very good options for the purpose.

Wall décor

Once you’ve ensured the right functionality of the entryway, it is time to think about the right décor.

This is most often accommodated on the walls, though it does not exclude decorative items placed on the floor, either.

The entryway wall décor may start with displaying a somewhat large impressive painting or intriguing abstract drawing. It can be hung above the side-table or the sitting bench, or if the space layout allows it, facing the front door. As any piece of art this, too, will create a unique ambiance.

Among the top entrance hall decorating ideas is displaying a set of photographs on a wall. There’s not a warmer “Welcome”-message than a photo-story about the happiest family moments, displayed in beautiful frames of various sizes and shapes.

Speaking about sets, lately it has become quite a popular trend to display sets of vintage tin signs of popular brands from the 50-s of the past century, or funny pin-up signs. These create such a jolly mood and some may even be of collectors’ value.

Another item typical for the hall wall décor is the mirror. A large tall mirror is not only a beautiful element, but it is also a smart way to create a stronger spatial effect, while a smaller size mirror will complement the overall décor design. Large or small, any mirror will look great when framed in a beautiful frame.

Finally, if you are not a fan of too much decoration and prefer keeping it simple, you can still create a warm homey feel in your entry hall using wallpapers of some interesting design.

Make a statement

The entry hall is the place where you welcome your guests into your home, so make the best of its features and layout to “Wow” them.

Choose a décor theme. In design and color palette, it may match the overall interior design of your home, or intentionally contrast it for a stronger effect. Make a statement by creating a focal point that will immediately grab the attention.

Bright Yellow Front Door
Image credit: The Every Girl

This could be a door painted in a contrasting bright color, or a wall standing out through a different covering.  Introduce your aesthetic taste through attractive decorations, a piece of art, a tall design vase, or (if space permits it) a small table of artistic design placed right in the center of the space, adorned with a huge flower bouquet or a pot plant.

Tell a “story” through exhibiting a small collection of items proudly created or gathered by a member of the family, be it miniature boats, photos, or antique weaponry. What a great piece of conversation such a collection can be!

Personalize it

The entryway provides excellent opportunities for adding personal touches that would introduce and represent you and your family. These could be stickers with favorite quotes, a keychain hanger with your family name engraved in or cut out of wood, a personalized doormat … in fact, just anything that says “This is my home; I live here”.

No judgment here on style, design, fashionable trends. None of these matters when it comes to expressing your personality, so you are free to choose the items and the messages displayed.

Show off with a DIY decoration

Speaking of personalizing the ambiance in the entrance hall of your home, why not go a little further and make it even more personal by decorating with items created by you or by other members of the family. Show off with the products of your DIY projects! If a family member is a passionate artist, sculptor or carpenter, the entry hall would be a great place to proudly display his/her art.

Or, you can hang on a wall a handmade wreath, that may be seasonal or one with a timeless design.

Diy Spring Wreath
Image credit and full tutorial: Patty Schaffer

In other words, get creative and don’t be shy to show off your creativity. This will add lots of personality and charm to the entrance area of your home.

It’s all in the details

Tiny details make a huge impact. This applies to the décor of the entryways, too. There are dozens of ‘trivial’ small parts in the hall – on furniture, on doors, on walls and even on the floor and the ceiling, and only you can decide whether to leave them unnoticed or make them stand out. Just think what a striking effect a small item can have when used in the right spot and in the right way! Continue reading below …

Pay attention to door furniture. Door handles, knobs and ornaments may turn a door into an awesome décor item rather than … well, just a door. There are designers and producers that have dedicated lots of artistic potential and efforts to create such items.

How about light switches? These may be simple items needed to operate electric lights, but they, too, may turn into quite a spectacular detail. There are hundreds of types of light switches, from the simplest on/off toggle switches to smart light dimmers and timers, and these all come in a huge diversity of designs.

Other small items, such as wall hangers, elements on furniture pieces, and alike can also be featured in various smart ways and add a unique touch to the décor design.

Last but not least: Light

You need to have proper lighting that will illuminate your entry hall, but that can also bring into the spotlight its main accents.

Safety first! The entrance hall needs to be very well lit, so that as soon as you walk in you can have enough light to see even when the rest of the house is still dark. Besides, you’ll need strong light to be able to see well your personal belongings, such as keys, handbag, etc., especially when you’re going out.

You can use separate light fixtures to focus light onto particular objects in the hall, too, be it for safety reasons or just to bring those object into focus of attention.

Well Lit Entryway
Image credit: HGTV

Functionality of lighting in the hall may be well important, but the design of the light fixtures is quite another story. From ceiling fixtures, pendants or chandeliers, spraying plenty of light, to wall sconces or table/floor lamps creating a more romantic ambiance, the choice of the light fixtures design will be a matter of personal taste.

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