Have a large bathroom? Why not turn it into a luxurious spa haven with close-to-nature relaxing feel?! You might think that achieving such a natural bathroom design is too overwhelming. So much to consider, all the planning, all the details …. Forget about the little details! All you need is a natural stone tub positioned in the right place. Natural stone bathtubs make a one-of-a-kind focal point around which you can plan and arrange everything else up to your tastes and desires.

Whether you choose a very light or saturated, dark stone model, a natural-stone bath makes a massive element of the bathroom interior space. Minimalism around is therefore almost mandatory, although contemporary design also provides a very wide range of layout, decoration and arrangements options.

One of the top contemporary tendencies in the interior solutions is the application of natural and eco-friendly materials. With outstanding qualities, versatile applications and allowing a wide range of design options, these materials add a topnotch luxury in the home interior décor. The trend is inspired by Mother Nature’s eternal beauty and tends to find the perfect blend between traditional values and modern times technology.

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Following this trend are the natural stone carved bathtubs. The market offers a large variety of sleek designs, featuring seamless curves, soft, flowing lines and attention to details. To meet contemporary life needs, the products combine natural stone with highly durable resins creating a solid substrate which can be formed and shaped to match the human body. This is true understanding of the art of bathing and it provides the ultimate feel you would love to have in your own home spa.

These natural stone bathtubs will totally amaze you!

White stone freestanding tub

White Stone Freestanding TubImage credit: Torsten Müller

Alberto/Esteban award winning concept for Duravit’s Dream Bath Competition 2013

Duravit Concept BathroomImage credit: Albert Muzino

 Gorgeous stone bathtub by Neutra

Marble Bathtub By NeutraImage credit: Neutra

Simi bathtub

Simi Bathtub
Image credit: bathco

Luxury bathroom with a marble bathtub, Pallazo del Mare residence

Luxury Bathroom With Marble BathtubImage credit: Pepe Calderin Design

Beautiful bathroom with a sink and bathtub made of stone

Bathroom With Stone BathtubImage credit: UA Creative

Natural stone bathtub in the award winning project Soaring Wings

Stone BathtubImage credit: Winn Wittman

Oval bathtub made of stone

Small Natural Stone BathtubImage credit: ArchitectureArtDesign

Modern travertine bathtub

Modern Travertine BathtubImage credit: Pinterest

Carrara marble Rubix bathtub

Carrara Marble Rubix BathtubImage credit: Stone Forest

Rustic bathroom with a natural stone bathtub

Rustic Bathroom With Stone TubImage credit: Locati Architects

Stone bathtub with organic shape

Stone Bathtub With Organic ShapeImage credit: Homedit

Natural stone bathtub in Fellah hotel, Marrakesh, Morocco

Natural Stone BathtubImage credit: Perfectly Chilled Hotels

Natural bathtub made of granite

Natural Stone Bathtub By Stone ForestImage credit: Stone Forest

Mediterranean stone soaking tub

Mediterranean Stone Soaking TubImage credit: Houzz

Bathroom with an oval marble bathtub in hotel InterContinental Geneva

Bathroom With An Oval Marble BathtubImage credit: InterContinental Geneva

Papillon Bathtub – Camulo Granite

Papillon Bathtub - Camulo GraniteImage credit: Stone Forest

Lucius Moon white marble bathtub

Lucius Moonlight White Marble BathtubImage credit: Signature Hardware

Stone bathtub in the backyard of Villa Amy on Bali, Indonesia

Stone Bathtub In The BackyardImage credit: Balli Villas

Handmade river stone bathtub by Lux4home

Handmade River Stone BathtubImage credit: Lux4home

Natural stone bathtub in De Moksha boutique resort

Stone Bathtub In Villa De MokshaImage credit: De Moksha

Amazing bathtub by Stone Forest

Stone Bathtub By Stone ForestImage credit: Stone Forest

Black granite oval bathtub by Stone Forest

Black Granite Bathtub By Stone ForestImage credit: Stone Forest

Impressive sandstone slipper tub

White Sandstone Slipper TubImage credit: Signature Hardware

Vascabarca boat-shaped bathtub by Anne & Patrick Poirier

Vascabarca - Boat-Shaped Stone TubImage credit: Antonio Lupi Design

River rock bathtub

River Rock Bathtub DesignImage credit: Iwan Sastrawiguna

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  1. Dave says:

    Some of these natural stone bathtubs are really amazing! I bet they are weighing a lot. How much costs the delivery of a stone bathub in the USA?

  2. Dante Willson says:

    Where to buy quality natural stone bathtub in California?

  3. Robert Conrad says:

    Stone bathtubs are beautiful and there are so many different designs and colors.

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