Your home should be a comfortable place where you can enjoy peace and quiet after a rough day. Every room should exude a warm, welcoming feel not only to you but also to your guests. You want to thoughtfully design these living spaces to create this serene vibe. But how do you elevate the design of your humble abode to the next level? Using area rugs as the design base in each main room in your house is a good place to start.

An area rug is an ideal accessory to beautify your home while also making it extra cozy. These rugs are perfect for keeping your feet off the cold floor and adding visual warmth and texture to your interiors. They can also help dictate the vibe of each room. Will it be traditional? Will it have a contemporary or modern feel to it?

Handmade area rugs can enhance the ambiance of your living spaces in a big way. They are easy to set up and can be placed in any room in your household. They come in a variety of sizes, countless shades and colors, and diverse interior styles and patterns. They are sold at different prices, so there’s bound to be a rug that would fit your budget.

Know the different ways to using hand-knotted rugs to achieve the coziness and style you desire. Check out these easy-to-follow decorating tips to maximize your space and make it lavish and homey at the same time. We’ve divided these tips per room to help simplify your decision process.


A foyer is the first thing that welcomes you and your guests into your home. It is the area that connects the entrance with the rest of the interior. It also separates different rooms from the outside. In some cases, it can include the stairway to the second floor and interior doorways that bridge rooms on the ground floor. This area of the house gives a preview of what ambiance to expect within the household. Would your guests feel luxury? Would your rooms give off a traditional vibe?

Make sure that the size of your rug is proportional to the front door

Handwoven rugs come in various sizes. It can be as small as 2×3 or as big as 12×18. By looking first at your entryway size, you can choose what size of rug to buy. Small rugs in giant entrances will look wimpy, while a large rug will look too dominant and overpowering. Some households also have a double front door, which would look great with a bigger-sized rug. Learn to scale your rugs in proportion to the front door for them to complement each other.

Provide a warm and grand welcome with a rug

Your rugs in the foyer will leave the first impression. By choosing the right pattern that fits well with the wall color and different decor elements, you create an atmosphere welcoming from the very beginning. A tried-and-true option is a classic or tribal rug that has warm and comforting vibrant colors.

Foyer rugs endure the most foot traffic of all areas in the home. It is prone to tear and wear from the opening and closing of the front door. You can prolong the rug’s lifespan by noting the space between the bottom of the door and the entryway floor. Leaving enough vertical air gaps allow your rug to breathe, and it reduces damage.

See how this handwoven carpet perfectly connects the foyer to the other parts of the house. The minimalist organic design goes well with the flooring as it accentuates the architectural elements of the staircase and light fixture.

Entryway Carpet

Living Room

The living room is where you spend most of your time in. Some like to show the life of luxury with fireplaces and chandeliers, while others are simple with a comfy sofa and a coffee table. Many activities can be done here, from entertaining guests to having some family time. In decorating this room with an area rug, here are a few tips you should remember.

Handmade area rugs can divide or bring together a room

Living rooms that are more like “great room” can have different areas of use and rugs are helpful in defining them. You can segment the space into different “islands,” or place all essentials seating items in one giant rug. It all depends on how you want to approach designing it.

To avoid making your area look too cramped and cluttered, you should place at least the front half of your sofas on the rug. Position the rug at least 10-18 inches away from the wall to define the space best.

This traditional Cyrus Artisan Rug below, with its intricate design, is a style idea you can use to create islands for your living room and still manage to bring it all together. The Khana collection is available in other designs which you can view at Cyrus Artisan Rug showroom in Minnesota. You could use a matching pair or even own two rugs from the collection so the two rugs would compliment each other because of the color values but would have different patterns. This loving room look, equipped with elegant furniture, will exude a traditional and comfortable style your guests will love.

Cyrus Artisan Rug

Add some texture to your floor

As with the foyer, the living room is also one of the household places with a lot of foot traffic. Heavily-used rooms can have guests, kids, and pets on the rug. It has to be made with materials that can take a heavy beating. The strong fibers of wool rugs can withstand lots of wear and tear, and make a very practical choice. You may also opt for a more luxurious option, a rug that combines wool and silk.

Layer your rugs

Layering is not a difficult task once you know how to play around with colors. This eclectic technique adds dimension to your room and also boosts its visual interest. In layering, the color of the base rug should be solid. A really popular option is to have a neutral base rug in natural colors, and layering a smaller, more colorful area rug, or several rugs, on top of it.

Whatever design you choose will allow all the colors of the smaller rugs to pop against the neutral base rug.

Study & Leisure Places

These recreational areas can be described as more intimate than a living room, yet being more comfortable than the kitchen. It is a space that can be shared by everyone in the household. Here is where you do various activities such as playtime with the kids, office work, and arts and crafts, or you use the space to sit back, read a book, or listen to music.

Look for flexible rugs for your recreational room

These rooms can host different age groups, and you can do various activities here. Your rug depends on how the room is going to be used. What would people be commonly doing here? You can either go with a patterned rug or go simple. Either way, it can provide the room with an ambiance and warmth that only rugs can bring.

Balance the patterns on the floor with decor and architectural elements of your walls. Are there books on the shelves? Do you have a lot of art? Consider these factors on how to balance your room and make it comfortable. A vibrant rug with bold, geometric patterns is perfect for your more simple, clean-lined rooms. Just look at how those colors can quickly bring life and energy to the space.

Area Rug In A Leisure Room

Use rugs that are comfortable to sit or stand on

Family rooms and studies are places for relaxation, but also productivity and creativity. Kids love sitting on the floor or getting down on all fours when they’re in their element. An area rug can make playtime more comfortable and cushion slips and falls.


This area is your private escape and comfort zone. It is the room where you can sit back and hang loose. An inviting rug adds to the overall soothing effect of your bedroom. You should be able to spend time in your bedroom and come out feeling rejuvenated with a well-thought out decor.

Be comfortable even out of bed

Rugs underneath your bed are best when they are as soft and cozy as possible. Think of it as an extension of your bed. The best feeling fabric for your feet is typically wool, silk, or cotton. These kinds of rugs aren’t just cozy to the touch, but they are also hand-knotted, meaning they are durable and can last you a long time. So long, in fact, that you will see your kids crawling around on them as babies and all the way up to playing video games with their high school friends if you properly take care of the rugs. Get a glimpse of how comfortable these Moroccan rugs are.

Moroccan Rugs

Surround yourself with comfortable colors

Set the ambiance of your bedroom with the use of colors that evoke specific moods. Neutral, and subtle tones can give off a calm, cozy, sophisticated, or romantic feel to your bedroom. A tranquil bedroom usually avoids bright colors. Think of still oceans, clouds, and clear skies. You may opt for blues, greens, grays, and whites for this mood. This soothing grey Tamarian rug provides additional comfort and tranquility into this bedroom.

Bedroom Area Rug

Cozy bedrooms, on the other hand, are like warm hugs. Using colors that are mid-tone or darker than pastels feels deeper and warmer than “light and airy” neutrals and whites. Try using golden yellows, muted red, beige, browns, and oranges if you want to achieve this mood.

If you want to exude a sultry or romantic ambiance, you aren’t limited to your typical red and pink but can also be caramel browns, peachy golds, and warm neutrals. To create a sophisticated, bold bedroom, you can use blacks, silvers, neutrals, and greys. A touch of bright tones are a fun way to bring a little whimsy if you prefer a more energetic space.

Rugs take up such major real estate in a room, it is the key element to achieve a cozy warmth no matter what style you gravitate towards. Rugs can soften a room and make it more inviting, or brighten it up and give it life. Fortunately, there are many different colors, patterns, textures, and sizes to choose from and play around with so you can achieve the level of cozy you desire.

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