What would a home be without a dining table for family and friends to gather around and share precious moments?! Combine a comfortable table with a set of suitable chairs, and you will enjoy a cozy and tidy dining room, where your family will spend unforgettable weekdays and holidays.

Desirable as they are, dining tables may pose quite a challenge when finding a suitable place for them in smaller residences. Surely, a bigger table provides an eating area that can conveniently accommodate more people, as well as enough space to entertain family and friends. But when space is an issue, placing a large table will be impossible. The best option in such a case would be to create a functional eat-in area integrated into the kitchen, taking advantage of one of the smartest solutions offered by furniture makers – a folding table for small dining areas.

Folding tables are no big news on the market, but we have to marvel the genuity of furniture designers when it comes to the shapes, forms, structure, materials and finishes they make those in. These unique pieces of furniture not only serve their main purpose, but due to their smart design and structure, they allow various application options.

For one, you can have a folding dining table entirely folded, making a nice console table out of it, quite enough for having a quick bite or a solo dinner.

You can have it half-folded, which gives you just enough space for an intimate romantic candle-light dinner for two. Or, you can have it unfolded in full size for a festive family gathering.

The best folding tables offer multiple additional functional and structural solutions, too. You have a variety of goodies to benefit from – integrated stools, drawers, towel holders, wheels, etc. On the other hand, you can pair this kind of furniture with other furniture pieces, such as folding (or non-folding) chairs, bar-stools, benches, and even small side tables.

Here are some of the best folding dining tables on the market:

The Rubberwood Butterfly Table – a folding table with 4 folding chairs! Among all models from Dunelm this one is the best for a small space.

Folding Dining Table - Open

This folding dining table has a beautiful natural wood finish. It is delightfully adorable, fashioning a table that would fit into any home décor. The oval shape is positively gorgeous. The legs of the table are composed of three rectangles, adding interest to the folding dining table. The chairs are beautifully done, and they look fabulous with accent pillows and throws.

The middle rectangle in this table is a storage cabinet for the chairs. When the table is not in use, you can fold the chairs and place them in this compartment. The handle on the door is marvelous. It is simple and unobtrusive, fitting in with the design of this clever dining table.

A Folding Dining Table - Side View
A Folding Dining Table - Side View
Choose A Folding Dining Table (2)

When folded, the table is only thirteen inches. Two foldable leaves allow for the table to be used in a multitude of ways. You can use one leaf, providing a smaller eating area. You can sit one side up against a wall in your home, pull out one chair, and store the others, fashioning a functional desk for a small room. When it’s completely folded, you can also use it as a decorative table, creating the perfect space for décor items.

Choose A Folding Dining Table
Images via Dunelm


Another amazing space saving option is the Winsome Space Saver – a folding dining table which is available with 2, 3 and 4 stools to accommodate conveniently up to 4 people. It’s the perfect solution for a small kitchen or for a patio to enjoy an outdoor meal. The wheels on this table allow it to be easily stored and easily transported to any room or area in the house.

Wooden Folding Dining SetFolding Dining Set With DrawersFolding Dining Set For TwoFolding Dining Set With Wheels

You can buy this space saving dining set on Amazon.


Top rated and greatly recommend is this wall mounted folding dining table for 2 people (Murphy table) made from solid oak.

Best Rated Folding Table For Wall Mount On Etsy

Best Rated Murphy Table

Best Rated Wall Mounted Folding Dining Table

You can buy it here.

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