Waking up to a bright and sunny white bathroom is guaranteed to enhance your mood and kick off your day optimally.  Starting your day with an invigorating shower or ending your night with an extend soak in a freshly drawn tub are a few of life’s simplest and most coveted pleasures. Key to designing a luxurious bathroom are specifying anchor fixtures, lighting and tiles; and the generous use of space and light.

Top 3 Interior Design Tips To Create A Luxurious Bathroom

Essential Fixtures:  A Signature Tub or Walk-in Shower

Central to a luxurious bathroom is a free standing tub, a spacious walk in shower, or even the ultimate luxury, a sunken Moroccan mosaic bath.   Today’s off the shelf and special order bathtubs can be comprised of a variety of materials: enameled steel, cast-iron, cast-polymer, and a variety of other composites.  Each material offers a trade-off of benefits including weight, heat retention, comfort and durability.  There are also an endless number of shapes and sizes.  Luxury bath tubs are often free standing, claw-footed, or in non-standard, customized shapes and / or sizes; and become a focal point in a stunning bathroom.  Alternatively, choose a built in walk-in, doorless shower or bath enclave.

Bathroom With Tub And Shower Enclosure

Other Elements of Luxury

Key to creating an amazing spa-like experience in home is designing a spacious, open layout – an airy environment that optimizes natural light and is appointed with well-designed fixtures.  Here is a shortlist of key hallmarks:

  • The ultimate luxury:  floor to ceiling windows drenched in natural light that open up to sweeping and private views of the ocean or a shaded grove.  For homes without direct views of neighboring properties this is more easily accomplished.  Interior design thought on how to optimize natural light without trading off privacy can be challenge for smaller homes but can be addressed using clerestories, a row of windows positioned above view level.
  • Space the final frontier:  another hallmark is the ability to design a bathroom with high vaulted or cove ceilings.  This eliminates the need for wall ventilation and reinforces a spacious spa experience.
  • Perfect lighting:  the bubble chandelier provides an alternative to a crystal chandelier and provides more character than most modern chandeliers. Each globe is handmade and artistically placed to form a perfect cluster. Bubbles of various sizes are symmetrically aligned to mimic nature’s organic beauty. Designers favorite, the OLY Muriel bubble chandelier is synonymous with coastal elegance and California Transitional Living. The perfect addition to a high-ceiling bathroom.  Indulge yourself in a rose petal bath while ethereal bubbles float high above.

Bubble Chandelier

Tiles Abound!

The use of tiles dates back to the earliest Mesopotamian civilization. Tile is an integral part of creating a luxurious bathroom. Materials range from ceramics to concrete and stone, glass and porcelain to terra cotta, marble. Finishes can be hand-glazed, matte, crackled, edged and with rugged surfaces. Add in the ability to mosaic and the possibilities are infinite. Modern bathrooms have seen a resurgence of penny and subway tiles. Tiled floors and walls can set the stage and take design to new heights. Design imaginations soar.

Modern Bathroom

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