Light is essential for creating a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. In addition to natural light, artificial lighting has become a key element in the architecture, the design and the layout of contemporary residences. See our collection of chic floor lamps, stylish pendant lighting, outdoor lighting, and many more different ideas for each room of your home!

DIY a 3D Paper Lamp

Make yourself a cute paper lamp by gluing different in shape and cut-out paper flowers and butterflies, and decorate them with a pearl or a jewel [...]

The Best Ways to Lighten Up a Windowless Bathroom

No windows? No problem! We have some great windowless bathroom ideas to consider and boost up your inspiration.

Bathroom Lighting Essentials

Illuminate your bathroom the best way possible with our easy to follow bathroom lighting essentials guide!

The Steampunk Industrial Style Table Lamp

Bring a touch of industrial grunge into your décor with this snazzy two cage lamp. This industrial style table lamp combines old school charm with contemporary [...]

Cloud Lamp: Nature’s Majesty in Your Home

Bring a thunderstorm into your bedroom with this amazing cloud lamp! Find out how it works!

Chic Industrial Style Lighting

Industrial style lighting is here to bring diversity and contemporary feel to your home décor. Take a look at these ideas!

Light-up Your Home With Stylish Pendant Lighting

Talking about stylish lighting, the first thing that comes to mind is a beautiful crystal chandelier. We also have other fun ideas!

Elevate Your Style With Striking Floor Lamps

Floor lamps?! Try with pieces of art! These amazing design creations will transform your home into an exquisite art gallery.

The Parallel Series of Glass Pendant Lamps

Handcrafted in Minneapolis, the Parallel Series are unique pendant lights that will fit perfectly into any modern or traditional home.

Digital Light Sculptures – 3D Lamps

Marrying the delicate with the resilient, these lampshades embody the ambitions and inspirations of contemporary design. Parisian artist couple Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques employs modern 3D printing [...]

The Ellissa Modern Pendant Lamp

Translating the silent motions of spheres, across a giant galactic canvas, into a movement of light and shade, this modern pendant lamp offers inspiration and ideas [...]

Adding Contemporary Touch with LED Ceiling Lights

Lighting is and will always be important in a home. It’s a major factor in the way we familiarize ourselves with our lovely abode, as well [...]

The King Edison: a Unique Pendant Lamp

Innovative, creative and beautiful this pendant lamp is a light bulb and a chandelier into one. A stylish addition to your home décor!

Reviving the Reclaimed Shoelaces Lamps

Barcelona based industrial designer Curro Claret makes a pertinent social statement with these shoelaces lamps. Part of the Shoelaces collection - a range of products born [...]

Elegant contemporary wood lamps

The color and texture of wood brings life to our surroundings. When the team at NoEnd Designs created the Slatewood Lamp they sought to build an [...]

Timber Dock Lamp and Organizer

This beautiful timber dock lamp, called TimberHarmony, would not only make a wonderful feature in any home, it also has a variety of useful innovative additions [...]

Wondrous lighting ideas from Karman

Karman lighting from Italy have unveiled their new range of lights that can simply be described as wondrous. With attention to detail, each piece in their [...]

Outdoor Lighting Ideas Perfect for Your Back Garden

Lighting truly makes all the difference to your interior, but what about your exterior? We spend so much time making our gardens look great but we [...]

The Clamp Lamp: a new spin on a great design

The Clamp Lamp is an ingenious invention that seems to merge 2 well known household items together to form an even more useful household item with [...]

Deck Lighting Ideas

If you are stuck for ideas on how to light up your outside deck, read on to gain inspiration. Your deck is like an extension to [...]

Retro atomic themed lamp

When shopping for light fittings sometimes you just need to find a unique design that will complete the room you are buying for. This retro “Atomic” [...]

Striking and Elaborately Designed Lighting by Zenza

As you are decorating your home, one necessity that can and should be treated as a piece of décor is the lighting you choose. There are [...]

Unique lamp made from cassettes

Lamps are becoming more and more outstandingly designed these days, with this unique lamp being a prime example. Made by OOO My Design as part of [...]

Impressive Fish Lamps

If you are one that likes to decorate a bit more eclectically, these fish lamps should be a part of your repertoire. Designed and created by [...]

Planter Lamp: a New Eco Concept for Your Home

Babylon Lights is a design thought up by Ryan Taylor of O\I that was showcased in early 2013 and has been showing great promise in the interior [...]

DIY Black and Gold Pendant Lamp

Pendant lamps are the entire rave these days in interior décor circles. Here is a creative means of customizing your own classy and functional DIY pendant [...]

Designer lighting with D*Haus

This modern designer lighting created by D*Haus continues their tradition of adaptable and transformable design. The D*Light comes in two multi-colored color ways. The D*Light Black, [...]

A Wood Lamp That’s Raw and Refined

These Brecce Lamps by Marco Stefanelli are positively resplendent. The lamps are pieces of wood, that have been gutted in certain sections, usually in an angular [...]

Pop-up Corner Light by Well Well Designers

Can you imagine buying a beautiful lamp on the internet and receiving it in an envelope? Sounds like a joke, right?! Well, that’s exactly what you’ll [...]

Graceful Floor Lamp

The latest trends in home interiors feature floor lamps not only as a delicate light source, but also as a major decorative element, suitable for any [...]