Wall decoration ideas

Original wall art ideas, from wallpapers and decals of natural designs or whimsical patterns, to stylish wall décor items, to match any and every interior style.

Add Holiday Charm to Your Walls With Christmas Murals

Dress your walls for the holiday season and add extra festivity to your Christmas interior with wall murals!

Blackboard at home – an original decoration element

We used to see blackboards only at school, before an interior designer decided that they could well serve as an attractive and modern home decoration element. [...]

Bold and Colorful Wallpaper Designs

These are the happiest wallpapers we’ve ever seen, so we were eager to share them with you. All beautiful illustrations are the creation of the talented art director Catalina Estrada who lives in

Black and White Photo Wallpapers

Although they are no longer considered as innovation in the interior design, photo – wallpapers enjoy great interest and popularity, since they definitely bring variety and personality to any home

3D Wallpapers by Kredema

Ready to bring home decoration to another level? We know Kredema is! We can hardly say that they design wallpapers. No, they design pieces of art! This [...]

Praising Nature’s Perfection With the Newest Pixers Interior Décor Collection

Nature Hues collection is here to answer our longing for Nature’s genuine grace and to bring it into our homes.

The Ultimate Comeback: Tropical Wallpapers

These amazing tropical wallpapers don’t speak- they scream summer! Enjoy this fun rainbow of colors!

Non-Traditional Wall Décor Ideas

Bold, original, unconventional, these unique non-traditional wall décor ideas will rock your world (and your home)!

Mysterious & Cool: Halloween Removable Wall Decor

Looking for easy and mess-free ways to decorate your home for Halloween? Well, you are welcome!

Spring Wallpaper Designs From PIXERS

What better way to bring spring to your home than by adding fresh new wallpapers? Take a look at our lovely suggestions!

Forest Wall Murals for a Serene Home Decor

The easiest and surely very effective way to bring natural feel to your interior is by adding wonderful forest wall murals!

Canvases for Life: The Frames Wallpaper Collection

Don’t let the wallpaper determine how good your room looks all by itself! Bring a touch of personal memory and creative expression to your walls with [...]

10 Fascinating Wall Decor Ideas

No design is complete without a careful consideration of its walls and vertical surfaces. From finish and treatment to embellishment, your walls move between silent repose [...]

The Biblioteca Wallpaper Collection

Translating art into a nifty décor option, this fascinating collection from innovative Dutch design house NLXL does not fail to inspire or delight. Inspired by 3D [...]

A Grand Library Wall

When your books start piling up, you know it’s time to get a bookcase to contain them. It’s a great way to visually see all of [...]

Elegant Wooden Wall Clock: The Block Clock

Deep reflections on the passage of time find new face in this inventively crafted wooden wall clock from Cincinnati based studio Such + Such. The Block [...]

The Pelican Wall Organizer from Woodendot

Moved by the grace, lines and anatomy of a pelican bird, this wall organizer offers a neat and compact solution to your arbitrary storage needs. Designed [...]

Green Walls and Grand Designs in Apartment Decor

Spectacular views of the River Dnipro and the urban surround fade away into the backdrop in this eye-catching residence in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. Studio SVOYA create arresting [...]

Interior Decoys: Convincing Brick Wallpaper Ideas

We love homes with exposed walls! The raw material that exposed walls provide really adds great texture and depth to many different styles of homes. There [...]

Modern Decal Headboards

The process of moving furniture is a scenario all too familiar to each one of us. If we were to tell you that there would be [...]

Decorative Wall Panel Designs for the Bathroom

If you are modernizing your bathroom and need a quick and easy method to add a new lease of life to your room then wall panels [...]

Decorating Your Kid’s Room With Wallpapers

Decorating for your child should be a rather simple task for you, honestly. While children’s tastes can certainly change as swiftly as their shirts need to [...]

Geeky and Wonderful: LED Wallpaper

This LED wallpaper won the Best of the Best Award at the Interior Innovation Awards in 2012. Created by Ingo Maurer, these wallpapers are delightful with [...]

Eco-friendly 3D wall panels

These wonderful eco-friendly 3D wall panels are made by WallArt and they are absolutely fantastic and easy to install. Introduced in Europe in 2010, these wall [...]

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper can add that extra oomph to your bedroom. It can also help you divide the different areas of the room, making it appear more spacious. [...]

Time to Get Creative: DIY Photo Display

Ok, so you've moved into your new apartment and boring white walls are everywhere. Buying artwork can be expensive, you don't have frames for your posters, [...]

Fabulous wallpaper patterns

Wallpaper patterns can take your home design to the next level. They can add creativity, interest, and wonderful color to your home decor. There are many [...]

Color-in Wallpaper

Now, this is fun. A color-in wallpaper, perfect for a child’s room or playroom, that can be colored with marker pens, felt tips, or paint. This [...]

Posters: An Affordable Way to Decorate

A wonderful way to decorate without breaking the bank, is to use posters. They are not limited to the bare walls of college dormitories and first-year [...]

High quality wall murals by EazyWallz

What is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to decorate your walls? Wall murals, of course! Today we’ll show you just a few of the marvelous [...]

The Future of Wall Decoration: Patterned Paint Rollers

We all love beautiful wallpapers, but we have to admit that they are quite expensive and really hard to remove. So, isn’t there a yet easier [...]

Kids’ Room Wall Decoration: Funny Wall Stickers

Whatever color you choose for the walls in the kids’ room it won’t stay the same for too long. Children have the unique power to turn [...]

Blooming flowers on the wall

Although it’s almost winter, you can still have the spring in your home with these beautiful paper wall-flowers. The cocktail of colorful napkins turned into flowers [...]

Wall Decor for the Kids

When it comes to furnishing the room of our children we have to think like them to turn their private space to a very special and [...]

Royal Wallpaper Decoration

Always fans of beautiful wallpaper decoration, we couldn’t be but highly impressed by the  Crowns and Coronets Wallpaper collection created by the UK-based design company Graham [...]

Quirky wallpaper collection

If you needed a burst of art today, we hope this unique wallpaper collection by Sian Zeng did the trick! Her beautiful wallpapers allow you to [...]

Exterior Wallpapers for Your Outside Walls

Wallpapers have been in use for centuries, indeed, an we are all quite well familiar with what they are, and how to use them. But … [...]

Mosaic Tiles Decoration

The most common use of mosaic is in bathrooms or spas. But this is far not its only application. The Italian company Bisazza Mosaico rises mosaic onto a whole different level…

People Silhouette Wall Stickers

We have already discussed the numerous wall sticker’s’ advantages. In this collection we would like to present the most popular ones – those with human silhouettes and famous people

Floral Wall Stickers

Vinyl wall stickers are great opportunity to transform your home within just half an hour. Stickers have really good design and with them you can hide small defects and create an interesting