Rossitsa Yankova is a professional translator and a published freelance creative content writer. She believes that to express thoughts, opinions, experiences, and information is a fine art in itself, and a great responsibility, too.  “I understand how important it is to feel confident and worry-free when it comes to ensuring correct and intelligent content for your e-publications. I realize how much you need to attract more attention, generate more traffic, and increase the interest of your targeted audience to this content. That’s why I invest the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns my clients may have, and provide them with 100% original creative content” – says Rossi.

She has passion for beauty, originality and fashionable trends in home interior design and loves watching TV shows and browsing through websites and blogs, all dedicated to decoration, design, DIY, gardening, landscaping, and travel, learning a lot from and getting inspired by them.

Articles by Rossitsa:

Must-Have Features of Modern Front Doors

Here are listed some must-have features modern front doors ‘wow’ with.

8 Expert Tips to Film a Great Home Tour Video for Property Sale

Highlight the best areas of your property.

Downsizing to a Smaller Home: How to Be Prepared

Downsizing to a smaller home is a smart money and time-saving move.

Adding Glamour to Your Bathroom with a Marble Bathtub

Is having a marble bathtub worth it? We say “Yes!”

How to Achieve a Bohemian Style Home Using Area Rugs

Timeless, chic, and charmingly eclectic.

Best Balcony Glass Railing Designs

Let’s check out some factors that you should consider while opting for balcony railings.

7 Reasons to Have a Backyard Shed

Learn more about the great benefits you could enjoy from having a backyard shed.

Hot Lighting Trends for 2022

As other design solutions follow trends, so does lighting. Learn what’s trendy today and how to brighten up your home with style.

5 Popular Design Themes to Create a Special Ambiance in Your Bedroom

Pick your favorite bedroom theme.

Your Guide to Homeowners Insurance

You may think that having homeowners’ insurance is optional, but it’s not quite so.

Classic Chic and Modern Art in a Sidney Family Home

A true jewel of sophisticated top-class interior design.

Mandala The Bay: Bali Paradise Vacation Home

Enjoy the comfort of a home for days and nights of unparalleled pleasure and relax.

How Important Is Deep Cleaning Before Moving In or After Moving Out?

Your home needs be brought to safety living conditions.

A Country House With a Rustic Feel in Spain

Snuggled under tall trees and surrounded by lush nature stands a charming house. Take a look inside!

Unexpected Renovation Costs You Better Be Prepared For in 2022

Ensure a renovation that will run smoothly and without ‘surprises’.

5 Tips for Planning a Home Renovation in 2022

Don’t allow enthusiasm to get the best of you, and take time to carefully plan the renovation works.

Sunshine Daydream: A USA-Style Luxurious Chalet

This amazing house celebrates the raw beauty of Nature while ensuring the top-notch functionality of a modern residence.

What You Should Know About Insurance When You Renovate

Ensure appropriate coverage throughout the renovation process.

Miami Splendor: Amazing Two-story Family House

Located in one of the most popular residential city quarters of North Miami, this amaizng house was designed by SDH Studio.

Useful Tips on How to Get Your Patio Winter Ready

Fall is in the air and it’s time to think about the best ways to winterize the exterior living spaces of your house.

It’s All in the Details: Small Swedish Flat Boasts Functionality and Charm

Make small spaces functional & cozy with a bit of creativity.

7 Accent Furniture Ideas for a Glamorous Bedroom

The bedroom is far more than just a functional space and it needs to be furnished and arranged in style.

How to Create a Detailed Home Renovation Budget

Home renovation budgeting is a large and demanding task. We will get you through this major challenge.

How to Create a Cozy Rustic Feel in Any Room

Regardless of the existing furniture and decoration, you can easily transform the entire ambiance to rustic, following these tips.

Why Linton Engineered Wood Floors Are the Best Choice for Your Home

Quality, aesthetics, installation, budget.

7 Essentials to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home

First impressions matter a great deal!

Easy Decorating Ideas for a Romantic Bedroom

Why not introduce some romance and sensual feel in your bedroom?!

Simple Winter Hacks to Make Your Home Warmer

Effective hacks to help us keep warm through the cold winter months.

How to Transform Every Room in Your Home with Murals and Stickers

More beautiful and more spectacular than ever!

Industrial Sophistication in an Australian Apartment

Located in an iconic building in Melbourne, this apartment boasts of an impressively vast space and unusual layout.

Kitchen Talks: How to Choose the Perfect Range Hood for Your Kitchen

Keep indoor air clean without sacrificing the style of your kitchen.

Vintage and Industrial Style Kitchens by Marchi Cucine

Marchi Cucine is a company with over 40 years experience, devoted to creating timeless kitchens that go beyond fads. Their work is truly inspiring and their [...]

5 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate the Kids Room

Here are a few smart tips on how to meet the challenge of decorating the kids room. No need to break the bank, you know!

Different Ways to Decorate Your Home with Canvas Prints

Combine the best of two worlds – photography and fine art.

7 Extraordinary Coffee Tables You’ll Wish You Had at Home

Coffee tables are not only a must-have component of interior design, but also a great focal point of any space!

Look Up: 7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Ceiling

Find out more about windows replacements and other essentials.

Under Paris Skies: A Cozy Studio on the Top Floor

Here is how a small abandoned attic in Paris has been turned into a cozy studio-apartment.

7 Wonderful Ways to Decorate Your Home with Quilts

Let’s list some of the most common applications of quilting.

5 Luxurious Properties in the Cosmopolitan Heart of Miami

Miami is a true real estate heaven!

Lagom: Not Just a Design Trend, But a Lifestyle Philosophy

Not too much, not too little!

Villa Gorsky: The Charming Holiday Hideaway

Delightful holiday hideaway offers unforgettable experience in every season all year round.

Botanical Planter Screens: Natural Beauty with a Practical Purpose

Soothing natural ambiance and cheerful fresh look.

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Look Warm and Inviting

Your home should enchant with warmth and personal charm.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Insurance Claim

Learn how to act if a disaster strikes.

How to Choose the Right Facade with Street Appeal

Façade is the ‘face’ of your home аnd first impressions do count!

Idyllic Couples’ Retreat in a Land of Legends

Aphrodite was once a chapel, but now it welcomes guests and offers a warm idyllic ambiance and memorable experiences.

How to Furnish Your Dining Room Without Breaking the Bank

Your guide to furnishing a dining room on a budget.

The Cloud Bungalow: A Colorfully Moody Australian Home

A colorful master piece that mixes sophistication and fun.

Which is the Best Mattress for Your Specific Needs

There is a wide variety of mattresses on the market and you need to consider a few key factors when choosing the best one!

Salo House: The Ultimate Weekend Retreat

On a forested hill, surrounded by lush vegetation and facing a spectacular sea view, stands The Salo House.

Beautiful City Apartment in Budapest

Comfort and modern vision meet in this stylish white apartment, designed by Margeza Design Studio.

The Spectacular SOLAR EGG Sauna in Sweden

This amazing structure is a public sauna built in the shape of an egg. People of Kiruna will be able to enjoy the unique experience!

How to Fix a Constantly Running Toilet

No more unpleasant noise and water waste! Have a look at a few simple things you can do to stop a running toilet yourself.

Adorable 3D Printed Vases

3D printed decor items are awesome because the production process is fast, cheap, eco-friendly, and the result is amazing!

How to Create the Perfect Environment for a Good Night’s Sleep

Here is how to ensure healthy and highly efficient sleep ambiance.

How to Create the Most Welcoming Entryway

Taking the first steps into a welcoming entryway is the moment you feel you are home.

Paving Buying Guide: What You Really Need to Know

These handy tips will get you a few steps closer to achieving the desired curb appeal of your home. Read on!

Tips on Choosing the Best Cladding for Your Home

The right type of cladding will improve the environmental performance and aesthetic appearance of your property!

Navy Blue Living Room Ideas

The blue palette inspires serenity and comfort, yet it can impress and make a statement. Learn how to apply it!

Creating a Timeless Bathroom Look

Achieving a timeless bathroom look that will never go out of fashion and will always look pleasant is entirely possible!

Furnishing a New Home From Scratch: Your Free Crash Course

Furnishing your first home? How exciting and how overwhelming this could be! Take time to read our step-by-step guide!

25+ Impressive Natural Stone Bathtubs

Welcome nature into your home! Crafted of natural stone, these bathtubs could be a luxurious addition to your bath.

The Best Ways to Lighten Up a Windowless Bathroom

No windows? No problem! We have some great windowless bathroom ideas to consider and boost up your inspiration.

5 Ways to Personalize Your Home Interior

Make your house your own by expressing your personality through various little details. Here are our top suggestions!

7 Ways to Keep Home Air Clean and Healthy

Ensuring clean air indoors is extremely important for you and your family. These 7 tips will help keep you safe!

15 Ways to Transform Your Old Concrete Garage

Need more space? The old garage hides many conversion opportunities. Take a look at our top choices!

Modern House in Rostov Region

To design a house that is functional, stylish, modern, and yet cozy could be a challenge but this project turned out great!

Creating a Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition Between Living Spaces

Learn how to enjoy the best of both inside and outside world!

3 Times You Should Call a Pro

Doing the job yourself usually can save a lot of money but not in these three cases. You better go ahead and call a pro.

Summer Vibe With Beach Terrariums

Dreaming of the summer all year round? Now you can have it packed in a cute little handmade terrarium.

Interior Design Jewel with a Japanese Twist

This lovely Bulgarian apartment boasts a clean minimalist look in black and red and elegant Japanese style decorative accents.

The Wiref Eco-Friendly Modular Furniture

Handmade from birch and copper and finished with eco-paint, the Wiref modular furniture is what you are looking for!

8 Home Staging Tricks Used by the Billionaires

Wondering how to sell luxury properties faster and with a big profit? We are revealing some useful tricks, keep reading!

The Azuma Avant-garde Flower Shop at Fendi

The famous floral artist Makoto Azuma has transformed a Piaggio Ape vehicle into a unique flower shop for Fendi.

Spectacular Design Bowls of Molten Glass on Teak Roots

Amazing, unique, and utterly creative – these sculptural glass bowls are far more than just decorative items!

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide for Lazy People

Are you looking for quicker and smarter ways to clean your home this spring? You definitely need to read this!

Tips and Tricks For a Tidier Children’s Bedroom

Tidier children’s bedroom? Is this even possible? Attention parents, we have some very useful ‘tricks’ for you!

Seasonal Energy Saving Guide

Saving energy on daily basis should become a top priority and we came up with the most useful energy saving guide!

3 Bedroom Color Trends to Follow This Year

Spring is in the air and it’s time to think in color! Check out the latest color trends that will do wonders to your bedroom!

Bathroom Lighting Essentials

Illuminate your bathroom the best way possible with our easy to follow bathroom lighting essentials guide!

The Complete Guide to Marbling Easter Eggs

This Easter make the most mesmerizing eggs ever! We have a step by step guide and video tutorials to help you out!

Non-Traditional Wall Décor Ideas

Bold, original, unconventional, these unique non-traditional wall décor ideas will rock your world (and your home)!

DIY Christmas Decoration on a Tight Budget

Looking for last minute Christmas decoration? Check out these simple ideas and deck the halls with style.

Upholstered Headboard for a Comfy Bedroom

The headboard is often the focal point of a bedroom and there are plenty of shapes to choose from. Browse here!

World’s Narrowest House

You will find this narrow house in Poland, squeezed between two buildings. It`s quite perfect for a single person. Ingenious design!

Must-have Bathroom Accessories

Make your bathroom more beautiful with these stylish bathroom accessories.Towels holders, soap dispensers, and more …

Tips on Creating a Relaxing Home

Wondering how to transform your home into a peaceful and relaxing shelter? Just follow these 4 steps and enjoy the serenity!

Chic Industrial Style Lighting

Industrial style lighting is here to bring diversity and contemporary feel to your home décor. Take a look at these ideas!

How to Maximize the Loft Space in Your Home

Convert your attic space into a cozy extra room, kids play area or use it as a storage space. Look at these tips!

Adorable Children Bunk Beds

Here is a smart solution when furnishing a small kids’ room. These bunk beds made from Scandinavian pine are adorable!

Light-up Your Home With Stylish Pendant Lighting

Talking about stylish lighting, the first thing that comes to mind is a beautiful crystal chandelier. We also have other fun ideas!

The Chocolate House

Once upon a time there was a strange cottage deep in the woods, all made of chocolate, and icing, and gingerbread, and candies... So tell the [...]