Millennials may have caused a decline in the real estate market but that does not mean more people are renting rather than owning one. In fact, homeowners outnumber renters, two to one. If you have an annual income of more than $50,000, then you may be eligible to be part of a homeowner’s association soon. If that’s you, it’s time to think about the architectural design your house is going to be.

Between all the architectural designs to choose from, many people opt to choose modern architecture. But to the eyes of a newbie, it can be quite hard to differentiate between modern, contemporary, ranch, Victorian and even craftsman’s. So what does it take to have modern home?

Modern Home Design

Crisp Lines

Modern design is born after other architectural styles that have elaborate and overly ornate in fashion. Therefore, modern homes have designs that are simple and clean with straight lines without additional details. The base style in a modern home starts with basic shapes and forms like the geometric format, and linear elements, if not rounded geometry.

You will see these characteristics if you simply look at a modern design home. They sport a simple cubic or square shape form with a flat roof or an open deck.

Prominent Materials

If the house prominently uses concrete, glass, wood, and a lot of steel, then you got yourself a modern home. These materials are a reflection of what modern house architecture is all about – simplicity through its material.

Chrome is commonly used in modern homes and the design shows exposed portions of it on items like tables and other furniture and fixtures.

Less is More

Another captivating feature of a modern home is its fondness over simplicity and minimalism. You will notice this by the lack of overzealous detailing like columns, moldings, and trims. This does not make the design boring, rather it makes it sophisticated. That is the major factory why modern architecture is celebrated.

Rather that intricate details, curvatures, and designs, modern architectures makes up for its functionality and clean, crisp aesthetic presentation.

Open Floor Plan

Walls aren’t bad in general, rather open floor plans differentiate space in other ways. For example, you will see the difference between the space of the living room and kitchen by the visual distinction of a countertop and hanging lamps. Open floor plans are favored by many modern architectures because it allows a more airy and open space, inviting natural light to feel in your home.

And again, it follows the rule of simplicity and minimalism. It also helps the home feel uncluttered and spacious. If you find it difficult to find yourself in an open plan home, use Cedreo’s 3D rendering to create a realistic picture of what it would be like. The chances are that you would be pretty impressed with what you see.

Open Plan Home

It Is About Natural Materials

Modern design favors materials that can strike the balance between being functional, beautiful, and natural. From walling, flooring to furniture and fixtures, the materials ushered are commonly wood. There are many different ways to work with wood and implement it into you home interior. And since wood evokes texture, nature, and personality, it is the perfect subject to create a modern design.

Built-In Shelves

The use of vertical space is also evident in modern style houses. Modern design built-in shelves are built into the wall or are attached to the wall. They are designed to be functional for storage without looking messy and consuming space. It also adds an effect that the room or area is extended in a way.

Neutral Color Is King

Modern architectural design sports earthy neutral colors as the main color palette of the structure. These colors give off a crisp, clean and calm atmosphere, but too much can make the space feel cold and boring. So the use of primary bold colors as an accent is also implemented. Not on the entire house but on a dedicated accent wall that breaks the natural shades used.

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