The bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in the house, but it may often be one of the smallest ones, too. With limited space, home owners face some tough challenges in finding the optimal solution for combining reasonable practicality with glamorous design.

Bright Small Bathroom

A small bathroom has actually surprisingly delightful and practical advantages.

Style-wise: a small bathroom can more easily be turned into an intimate and cozy space to enjoy and relax in, day or night.

Budget-wise: a smaller bathroom will require fewer items, which may significantly cut down furnishing costs.

Purpose-wise: the limited space will prevent from uncommon uses or unnecessary cluttering.

That all said, here are a few valuable ideas and tips on how to make your small bathroom shine with glamour and comfort.


When dealing with a limited space, you should choose the essential furniture items wisely. The choice should depend mostly on how to achieve maximum functionality smartly ‘disguised’ behind attractive design solutions.

Can this be a mission impossible? Actually, far from it! You can easily achieve a glamorous look with furniture in your bathroom that is not only functional, compact, and practical, but also trendy and stylish.

Modern Small Bathroom


  • A small bathroom would best benefit from a single vanity. Contemporary trends in bathroom furniture design feature free-standing wash basins mounted on top of vanity cabinets. Such vanities, standing or floating, look elegant and provide valuable storage space.
  • Avoid large items. These will make the room appear even smaller and can’t provide much practical functionality. What good of a large luxurious bathtub, for example, if it takes too much space and water splashes out of it all over the bathroom floor?!
  • Introduce luxury and maximum comfort through high-end units. Modern technologies offer ‘wonders’ like heated or soft closing toilet seats, up to multifunctional toilet units with adjustable airdryers, built-in deodorizers. If budget allows it, take advantage of other high-tech solutions for a luxurious 21 century bathroom, such as warming drawers for linen and robes, or under-cabinet fridge compartments to keep special cosmetics or medicines.
  • Use repurposed furniture items. Hot trend!


Lighting is a key factor for making your small bathroom look glamorous. Light will brighten-up the room and make it sparkle. A well-lit bathroom will also showcase all featured items and will provide maximum comfort of use.

Even in smaller bathrooms, there are individual areas where different amount of light is needed. Having plenty of light at the vanity is a must, while the wet area (bathtub/shower) requires less light. This functional particularity reflects on what lighting fixtures to choose and where to place them.

Bathroom lighting is not all about functionality, though. It is also an exciting design project aiming to turn a basic practical room into a haven of comfort, peace and relaxation.

Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas


  • Ceiling/floor-mounted recessed lights are very appropriate for the wet area, but also suitable for providing general light in the room. Most models allow focusing the light beams in different directions to highlight particular areas.
  • Add style accents using custom-designed sconces and even table lamps at the vanity area. These beautifully bounce the light off the ceiling and provide soft comfortable ambiance.
  • If there’s enough space, add glamour by hanging an elegant chandelier over the bathtub.
  • Design lighting in layers, incorporating several types of lighting fixtures. This will strongly enhance the overall design of the room.
  • Floating vanities allow introducing under-cabinet lights to illuminate and highlight the floor.
  • Use larger or more mirrors to reflect and amplify light. Back-lit mirrors are a top trend of contemporary bathrooms!
  • Where possible, provide plenty of natural light through windows or/and skylights.


Regardless of the interior design style you have chosen, your small bathroom will appear visually brighter and more spacious in lighter pastel tones rather than in darker color palettes. Lighter tones will also ensure the desired for any bathroom clean and fresh look, as much as a pleasant and elegant ambiance.

White And Turquoise Bathroom


  • Combine colors. Feature one color tone onto individual bathroom items against a backdrop of walls and flooring in a different color.
  • Make a feature wall. Introduced in a contrasting color or/and material, a feature wall will produce a stunning effect and make an impressive focal feature.
  • Introduce colors not just through paint, but through materials, too. Take advantage of the wide color and designs varieties of wallpapers, tiles, natural materials, metallic fixtures, accessories, toiletries, floorings, and lighting fixtures.


The predominantly functional purpose of the bathroom does not mean it has to lack finesse and charm in terms of design and décor, which can easily be achieved by adding accessories.

Bathroom accessories may actually be interpreted in different ways. On one hand, these can be items of purely practical use, such as soap dishes, various dispensers, toothbrush/towel/toilet roll holders, bins, jars, boxes, etc. Most of these essentials are found on the market in sets and in various colors and designs. This can be very helpful when adding a decorative touch or a featured accent into the bathroom interior without going wrong about design rules.

On the other hand, bathroom accessories may also be interpreted as decorative items intended particularly for décor styling. From paintings and designer’s vases, to hand-monogrammed towels, and stylish floor mats/rugs – who says that bathrooms do not deserve such luxury?!

Small Attic Bathroom


  • Avoid over-accessorizing. Less is more! This is the best way to make the accessories pop and get noticed.
  • Contain accessories in small groups instead of scattering them all around the space.
  • Introduce surprises. A wooden ladder as a towel holder, a luxurious seating, a small rug – such accessories will add lots of personality and sophistication in your bathroom.
  • Add mirrors of non-traditional shapes and at non-traditional places.
  • Introduce live plants.

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