The way we think about renovation projects has certainly changed and evolved throughout the past few years, when everyday drives ceased and we have been attempting to accomplish everything, from work and education to sports and entertainment, in and from our own homes and yes, very often from the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where family and friends gather to share food and love — and because it is often the most visited room in a house, the kitchen is among the most important rooms to receive trendy updates.

Kitchen trends move fast; just last year, white cabinets and bright countertops were all the rage, and now designers are doing the exact opposite. Fortunately, homeowners can make updates that look good now and will stand the test of time.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Floor-to-ceiling Storage

While open shelving in kitchens might look good in photographs, it isn’t functional in a real home. Instead of removing storage space, homeowners should consider doing the opposite: installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets on at least one wall in their kitchen. This extensive amount of storage is incredibly useful, especially if a kitchen lacks a substantial built-in pantry space.

Homeowners can style these cabinets to make them blend with the rest of their kitchen, whether they opt for bright-white cabinets, moodier hues or natural wood. Homeowners can also fit them with features like pull-out shelves, drawers and built-in organizers to make them even more practical. Because functionality rarely goes out of style, adding this amount of storage is sure to increase the value of a kitchen now and for years to come.

Deep Drawers

While not all drawers need to be excessively deep — indeed, shallow drawers are more useful for storage of items like flatware and cooking utensils — it’s not a bad idea to install a few deeper-than-average drawers in high-traffic cooking areas, especially around stovetops and ovens. Here, homeowners can store cooking tools like mixing bowls and heavy pots and pans. The motion of the drawer will make it easier to retrieve these items, and it will likely keep cupboards more organized as a result. As with the floor-to-ceiling cabinets, functional storage like deep drawers will retain its value into the future.

Deep Kitchen Drawers

Eye-catching Appliances

Many design experts predict the end of the reign of stainless steel appliances and the rise of funkier looking kitchen equipment. Brightly colored enamel, unique pulls and knobs and similar features make a functional and essential part of a kitchen become a statement in the room. Because attractive and distinctive-looking appliances tend to have higher price tags, many experts believe this trend will stick around for a few years, at least.

Homeowners who don’t have a lot of renovation budget to waste on highest-end appliances should still consider investing in top-of-the-line options. However, instead of prioritizing look, most homeowners should prioritize (surprise!) functionality. Specifically, homeowners should opt for refrigerators, ovens, ranges and the like that have some smart capability. Because it is likely that homes will be exceedingly connected in the coming years, installing high-tech appliances in a kitchen is a good choice starting now.

Statement Sink

Some experts argue that the farmhouse sink is out and that homeowners should opt for kitchen sinks of different makes and models. Particularly trendy are sinks made from unique materials, like copper, or that have intricate designs and ornate fixtures.

Modern Kitchen With Double SinkYet, more accurately, homeowners should prioritize installing a sink that is eye-catching. Whether that means putting in an oversized farmhouse sink with giant faucets or it means a smaller sink with expensive materials is up to individual homeowners and their kitchen style. And, as always, the sink should be functional; in older cities like New York and Chicago, homeowners might need to call faucet repair services to ensure the plumbing in the kitchen remains in tip-top shape.

Honest Materials

While color fads change with the seasons (literally) one type of design always remains in style: honesty in materials. Instead of trying to disguise some materials as others, perhaps installing a laminate countertop that looks like granite, homeowners should strive to reveal the true materials in use in their home. For instance, instead of painting their cabinets, they might use a minimal stain to highlight the wood from which the cabinets are constructed. Additionally, homeowners can use materials like concrete and natural stone for countertops or floors. It’s possible to carry this aesthetic even into the details of kitchen design, by opting for simple ceramic plates and serving ware and natural materials in kitchen décor.

All trends fade — but because of the expense of updating a kitchen, this room is one that should stand the test of time. With the right design fundamentals in mind, homeowners can make attractive changes to the most important room in their house that will continue to be attractive and have value.

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