When it comes to downsizing to a smaller home, whether it is intentionally aimed at saving money or because you just don’t have a choice, you do need to be prepared, since there will actually be quite a lot of stuff to downsize along the move, too. Being smart about it and plan it all well in advance is the key.

So, here are a few tips to help you with downsizing to a smaller home.

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Measure and Compare

Carefully measure the square footage of your two homes, the one you’re are about to leave and the new, smaller one you’ll be moving into. Comparing these readings will give you an honest estimate of how much less area and space you are to deal with in the new place. With these measurements in mind, you can start taking decisions on what’s to be downsized in size and numbers.

Focus on the Positive and Set Up a Budget

Your mind might be focused on what you are losing due to the downsizing, but there sure is a silver lining to look for, too. Just focus on the positive aspects of the move!

For one, you will likely be saving money. Downsizing the living space should assume downsizing the cost of living. It’s going to be a smaller home, which might well mean smaller and fewer premises for you to light, heat and air condition, less property taxes and fees … well… less of everything cost-wise!

Better even, you might find that your smaller home has some advantages. Maybe it has a big lawn, is in a prime location, or allows you to be closer to work, friends, or family. See? Stay positive!

Now, speaking of money, setting up a budget is essential for any home relocation, and the fact that the new place is going to be smaller is irrelevant when it comes to spending every dollar in the smartest possible way. Not only you’ll need a budget to better manage the move, but property downsizing would normally yield some extra cash and you’d better find the best use of this money.

Let Go

Sometimes the hardest part of downsizing is the “ugly truth” that you’ll have to just let go of some things. And while it is the perfect time for “off with the old; in comes the new”- bold spirit, parting with some of your possessions might still pose a challenge, and not just emotional one at that. So, before a trustworthy national moving company arrives to start handling your stuff, it’s better to have it all organized in terms of what to keep and what to let go. Besides, you’ll have to also decide on what to do with the stuff you’re leaving behind. Are you going to dispose of it? Where? How? Or perhaps you’d rather organize a couple of ‘garage sale’-Saturdays in the old neighborhood and make some money on the way.

Learn to Live Small

The new smaller residence might prove the perfect opportunity for you to channel your inner minimalist and optimize your home with space saving furniture and smarter and simpler interior design solutions. It will, however, also mean that you’ll need to adjust to a life of certain restrictions, too. You might not any more have a large walk-in closet, a large ensuite bathroom, or alike. But this should not be a reason for pining after your old life. Quite the opposite! Acknowledging and accepting the idea of moving to a smaller home may instead make you find So, way earlier than the day you move comes, it might be a good idea to start changing your everyday routines and habits, trying to live your life on a smaller scale, mirroring the change that is to soon come to pass.


To sum it up, downsizing to a smaller home is a smart money and time-saving move that ensures less care, reduced expenditures, and more time to do the things you like.

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