Home tour videos are very popular today. On the real estate market these can save a lot of time and costs and, therefore, benefit both property owners and buyers. However, it’s quite challenging to generate high-quality video content that would stand out and make viewers buy your property. That’s why we collected a list of effective tips to make an incredible tour video that sells. Read on and learn to film amazing real estate video tours.

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What Is a Home Tour Video

A home tour video is a type of video content that advertises a property. When property viewing cannot happen in person, people can still decide on whether they want to buy this property by just watching a home tour video. Owners or realtors would film the house and edit an engaging video to show and advertise the property and its surroundings in the best and most attractive way, and ultimately make a successful sale.

Very popular are home tours with a guide. Filming a real person opening doors, sitting on a sofa, cuddling in a bed, enjoying a drink on a terrace, and all that while speaking about the particular area, is top-level videography.

There’s also an option to do a live video tour and answer all buyers’ questions at that.

It is however a challenging task to generate high-quality video content that would stand out and make viewers actually take action. Owners and realtors would therefore appreciate the following tips.

Effective Tips on How to Create an Engaging Home Tour Video 

Map a Route

You should map a path through the property before you start filming. This will ensure smooth shooting and avoid missing essential or interesting details you’d like the potential buyers to be aware of. It’s better to plan what you will film, zoom in, change angles, etc, so that you get the full attention of the viewer. It may be challenging to narrate and focus on the filming route, so you can record a voice-over and add it while editing.

Stage the Property

The owner or realtor should prepare the property for sale by cleaning, redecorating and rearranging, to achieve the best looks possible. Try to keep it simple, like tiding the garden or planting some new flowers and trees, painting the walls, removing personal items, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.  Don’t however deceive your buyers by creating some ‘picture-perfect’ house that doesn’t exist in reality.

Ensure Good Lighting

Dark rooms look unappealing, so pay attention to light when filming a home tour video. It’s recommended to use natural light, so draw the curtains and shoot a view of the room at a time when natural light is best. Use extra light sources in rooms with few windows but try to be consistent not to wash out colors.

Include Drone Footage

Exterior footage is a crucial component of home tour video, and taking a video with a drone will give impressive results. People will better see the position of the house in the street and the neighborhood, and will know what they will be able to actually see through the windows. Location is important, so, a drone footage highlights the surrounding areas best.

Focus on Details

It’s vital to capture all essential details in the house that create the individual atmosphere of the property. Think about what unique features you can highlight that can be of interest to your potential clients. Film a cozy view from a window, a lit fireplace, paintings, flowers, and more. Just avoid mirrors and reflective surfaces where the cameraman can be seen; this distracts viewers and is entirely unnecessary or irrelevant.

Move Slowly

A videographer shouldn’t move too fast, or viewers won’t be able to properly digest what they are watching. It’d be great to do a test shooting to check you show all areas at a proper pace. Make sure to leave all doors open so that you can move freely and let even more light into the house.

Keep It Short

Shorter videos are more engaging. Potential buyers are more likely to watch a five-minute content rather than a 30-minute tour. With special tools like Movavi video splitter, you can create multiple files and then select the best parts to incorporate in the video. Adding music, texts and subtitles is also a great way to make an engaging home video-tour.

Make the Video Interactive

Property owners can now rely on modern technology innovations and smart applications to attract clients’ interest. Think interactive, 360 virtual tours, user-controlled panoramas, live tours, etc. People can navigate the house themselves, spin the screen, zoom in on different details, and explore whatever they like, as well as ask questions and get answers in real time.


Video home-tours are a great way to attract the interest of potential buyers, advertise and sell a property online. Do not hesitate to experiment and create incredible footage, highlighting the best areas of the property.

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