The front door is among the top essential architectural design features of the house to welcome owners and visitors. A key element of the overall curb appeal, the front door makes an impressive focal point that grabs the attention of bystanders even from afar, projecting the style and individuality of the particular home and its inhabitants. To the owners, on the other hand, the entrance door extends a welcoming feeling and the sense of safety and confidence.

In our times, modern front doors are becoming ever more the focus of interest of architects and designers. And while aesthetics is essential in designing and manufacturing the home “gates”, these would also excel in outstanding functional features, incorporating top-notch technology ideas and innovations.

Here follow some must-have features modern front doors ‘wow’ with.

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Visual Appeal

Contemporary industry offers entrance doors of various designs that largely differ in style, size, materials, color even. Naturally, intended to add an individual character to the “face” of the house, the ideal front door is expected to score highly on aesthetics, but also on personalization. On one hand, the architecture and design style of the house itself strongly dictate the design of the main entrance. On the other hand, the individual lifestyle and personal aesthetic preferences of the homeowners play an important role in choosing the right front door. In either case, modern front doors owe their visual appeal mostly to two key elements:


Traditional materials, such as wood and steel, are slowly surrendering their top positions on the front-door-manufacture-materials-list to MDF, aluminum, tempered or armored glass and fiberglass, for the products of contemporary technology have proven to offer more modern looks and better functional features. And while each of these materials have high aesthetic qualities individually, best visual effect is achieved through a combination of different materials, where each complements the other.


Modern homes boast of a large variety of entrance doors in terms of design. From the traditional simplicity of single-slab flush doors to the extravagance of French, ‘patio’-type, glazed gates, the choices seem limitless. Variety comes not in structure only, but in finish, too. Entrance doors can be of smooth plain finish or feature molded or engraved panels, different textures and colors, too. After all, it all comes to personal taste.

Top Level of Security

‘Good looks’ is far from being the main purpose of a front door. If such is to be defined, then it’s the level of security that tops the list of a home entry door major functional features.

Often, front doors are referred to as ‘door systems’, complex structures designed for the purpose of providing a high level of protection from intruders, thieves or even from forceful elements of nature. These systems feature state-of-the-art locking mechanisms and severe-impact-resistant materials, including bulletproof tempered safety glass (with glazed or part-glazed front doors).

Modern front door systems would also often introduce top-notch intelligent innovations to ensure highest level of security, featuring “invisible” door handles and locks accessible to only those with the right key-code or individual fingerprint.

Energy Efficiency & Durability

High-quality insulation is among the most essential features and top priorities of a front door design and structure. Proper insulation helps fight heat loss and air leaks, which ultimately lowers air-conditioning costs. And thermal control and energy efficiency are not the only positives a front door good insulation may offer. Think dust, wind and noise resistance, too.

The construction of a front door system and the materials involved therein are vital for ensuring a maximum level of insulation. These feature “sandwich”-type structures, dedicated insulation filling core and highly energy-efficient materials, such as aluminum and fiberglass.

Finally, a well-insulated front door is immune to changing weather conditions and protects the door’s structure and integrity against extreme environmental impacts, such as contraction, expansion, bending or cracking, and ultimately enjoys extended longevity.


Front doors come in a large variety of structure and design options. And while manufacturers tend to offer these options as “standard” to facilitate customers’ choice, no door is actually either standard or universal. It is not something you can take off the shelf in a shop, bring home and use as is. From the large entry gate of a family home to the front door of a city apartment, there are lots of details that make each door unique.

For one, each door is being measured, designed and tailored to fit in its particular place. In the process, the customer gets to choose all essential elements of the door system that would suit their individual home- and life-style best, including design, materials, locking and security mechanisms, insulation, etc. options.

Then, the customer has the say in all matters aesthetics, too. Style, finish, textures, colors, up to door accessories and high-tech innovations – these are the details that add a personal touch and turn a “standard” model into a bespoke customized front door installation.

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