Adding a touch of classical grace to Californian chic, the charming interiors of this private home conjure up a distinctive vibe and vocabulary that is both – impressive and inspiring. Located on Loma Linda Drive, high above Beverly Hills, this private residence realized by Chris Barrett Design offers elegant traditional interiors woven into contemporary dialogues, inviting you to take a closer look at the rich tapestry of textures, materials and motifs at play.

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Washed in generous natural light, the details and subtle impressions come alive, invoking a delightfully rich and sensuous spatial experience. The palette explores nudes and neutral shades in copious amounts, using these to invoke a spacious transparency that opens up the layout. These are anchored by rich, warm tones in brown and black, as expressed through the gorgeously tactile wooden flooring and furniture, glorious leather armchairs, sturdy stone countertops and an array of elements, accessories and surface finishes. Yet this design is not without its bursts of vivid color, with distinctly contemporary wall art balancing out elegant traditional interiors.

The design restrains itself from over-indulgences, allowing the textures and patterns to lend greater volume to the decor than would be otherwise possible. In many ways thus this scheme pays homage to the use of organic textures and wood in interior design, allowing the senses to dwell on the experience they bring to the space – visually and beyond.

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