At first glance, this unique home appears reminiscent of an unidentified object that’s been placed or stranded in the depth of the forest. In actuality, it’s an extremely contemporary house surrounded by trees.

Architectural company GrupoArquitectura has established more than just an ultra-modern design with this structure. Appropriately nicknamed The Toybox, the house was carefully planned with the client’s needs in mind. It had to include room for a collection of motor vehicles as well as tailor to the tastes of a minimal and open décor.

Toy Box Projects-Architecture
Contemporary House Surrounded By Trees

Click on the image below to see the Toy Box project by night

  1. The-Toy-Box-Project-Front-Facade
  2. The-Toy-Box-Project-By-Night

The Toy Box Project-Outside Parking

The entire house consists of sleek and angular placement of a concrete form, one that has been molded to the natural slop of the hill it sits on. Everything about the home is modern and futuristic, all but the collection of vintage cars in the garage, a garage that lays open to the viewing from inside the house through the massive planes of glass that separate it. From this viewpoint, we can clearly see the valley view that lay before the structure.

Contemporary House Surrounded By Trees-1
Contemporary House Surrounded By Trees-Parking
The Toy Box Project-Night Photo

Inside, the same color scheme of variant greys and blacks is used throughout, especially so in the completely monotone bathroom. The minimalist kitchen design is found off to the side which consist of free standing, low hung metal cabinetry with glass accents. Steel supports lift the slightly raised eating area off of the island which acts as a border to the simple living room. Cold, concrete walls and high ceilings surround the main living area, all but the wall facing out towards the valley view. These panoramic glass walls open the entire main area to the outdoor lounging area and gorgeous valley view down below. If you look closely enough, you can even see the minimalist water fountain display off to the right side of the outdoor area. All of this neatly tucked away in the embrace of the wooded lot, like a secret getaway for the ultimate bachelor.

The Toy Box Project-Minimalist Monotone Bathroom
The Toy Box Project-9
Contemporary House-Sitting Area
Contemporary House-Dining Area
Contemporary House-Living Room
Images courtesy of Grupo Arquitectura

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