Anyone who follows interior design and architecture trends would know the handy work of Robert Gurney when they saw it. His sleek modern touches are always present in the outline of his designs, something quiet prominent in this modern 2-story home in Glen Echo, Maryland just outside of Washington. Robert Gurney is an extremely talented architect based in Washington and is well known for creating unique, modern structures that co-exist with the environment around them.

The Stein Residence is cleverly situated on a sloping, treed lot with gorgeous views of the nearby Potomac River. One would assume that an ultra-modern home would seem out of place in such a serene and natural environment, but that’s not the case here. The architect has used the surroundings to his advantage, carefully positioning the concrete foundation as to not disturb the very mature trees that surround it. The foundation itself has been stained dark, to absorb as much UV solar energy as possible and assists in the energy efficiency of the home. Every inch of the home was designed with energy efficiency in mind, from the energy star glass right down to the fully insulated walls.

Stein Residence-Backyard
Stein Residence-Frontyard
Stein Residence-Front Facade
Project By Robert Gurney Architect
Mohican Hills House By The Architect Robert Gurney
Mohican Hills House By R.gurney

Click/tap the following images to flip them and see the Stein Residence during day and during night

  1. Stein-Residence-During-Day
  2. Stein-Residence-During-Night
  1. Mohicanhills - The Backyard During The Day
  2. Mohicanhills - The Backyard In The Evening

Mohicanhills During Night

Inside, we’re met with modern, yet cozy minimalist interiors that play well with the warm exterior finishes. Throughout, we see more of Robert’s signature touches in the cool, white pallet and sleek finishing. A massive contemporary, galley style kitchen of natural maple flat doors sits front and center to the rest of the main living area. A TV and fireplace insert have been installed flush to the dark grey accent wall and are easily enjoyed from the comfort of the oversized modern sectional.

Truly a work of art in itself, a design that can only be fully appreciated in person.

Stein Residence-Living Room
Stein Residence-Dining-Kitchen
Stein Residence-Dining Area
Stein Residence-Book Shelf-Fireplace
Stein Residence-Internal Staircase
Stein Residence-2Nd Floor
Stein Residence-View From 2Nd Floor
Stein Residence-Bedroom-Fireplace
Stein Residence-Bedroom

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