When attempting to pull off a monotone interior, you run the risk of crossing over into boring. The eye wants color, it wants to be delighted and stimulated. So a monotone, minimalist interior such as this amazing white apartment had to be done in such a way as to still wow the home owners while remaining true to the all-white palette.

Designer and architect Pavel Yanev from ALLin Studio pulled it off, though. With the use of a modern pop of color and the smooth texture of metal, this cool, amazing white apartment accumulated a wow factor.

Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, the property boasts the crisp white interior of a modern dream. Accordion style room dividers separate the main areas of the 592 sq ft home (55 sq m) to provide privacy when needed, but also add a touch of texture to the pale palette.

Modern White Apartment - Sitting Area In The Living Room
Modern Apartment - Sitting Area In The Living Room

Stylish, modern furniture made with the same white hue adorn the main spaces. Using a solid grey help to break up the monotony of the white without betraying the purpose of a monotone design. Lime green accessories are all that you’ll find in the form of color besides the sprinkle of red contained within a painting.

Minimalist Modern White Apartment

An all-white kitchen is on display with flush cabinet doors and white steel appliances help the cooking space to blend with the rest of the home as it encompasses the eat-in dining room.

White Kitchen-Dining Area
Minimalist Modern Apartment-Living Room
Accordion Style Room Divider
White Bedroom With A Black Bed
Modern White Apartment - View From The Bedroom To The Dining Area
Minimalist White Apartment-Storage Area
Minimalist White Bathroom Design
Minimalist Marble Bathroom

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