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July 6, 2021
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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Minimalist Interior Design

Clean lines, uncluttered atmosphere, simple ambience – these are the things that immediately strike us when we think about minimalist interior design. This design aesthetic is characterized by its serene beauty and positivity that brings a calming energy to the space.

However, while the minimalist interior design might seem simplistic and effortless, putting it together is more deliberate than it looks. This aesthetic is more than just putting a few pieces together against a blank backdrop, leaving the space looking sparse or uninviting – it’s about carefully curating your home to translate the idea of ‘less is more’.

Minimal Interior

Minimal homes have certain focal points that accentuate and accent a particular area in the space. These accents work to balance out the otherwise open and expansive space and bring character and personality to the room.

Sounds confusing? This guide simplifies it out for you. What follows is a rundown of a few simple hacks that you can use to adopt minimalist interior design into your space.

#1 Know the 3 Fs – Functionality, Form & Focus

The three Fs – Functionality, Form and Focus form the crux of minimalist house design. You can easily master minimal interiors if you manage to get these three factors right. Let’s try to understand these factors briefly.


Minimalism strongly believes in getting what you really need. This means that the functionality of an object is of utmost importance to principles of Minimalism. The same belief is reflected in minimalist interior design as well. This is why the functionality of every piece of furniture and décor is an important factor to consider while decorating your minimal home.


Clean lines and simplistic, chic structures are symbolic of minimalist house designs.


Minimalism cannot be attained where there’s any form of clutter. Attempt to create a single focal point leaving a lot of empty space to allow your room to breathe and appear spacious.

#2 Don’t Shy Away from Color

It is a belief that Minimalism and color do not go together. However, the new waves of minimalist interior design do not agree with this belief. Having said this, the correct usage of color is of utmost importance in minimal interior designs. Avoid using colors that clash with each other and stick to a single accent hue. Neutral colors are a must-have in the color theme of your minimal home, but they can be accompanied by a few pops of brightness here and there.

For instance, if your minimalist living room has a neutral seating area, you can break the monotony with an accent chair in a bright hue.

#3 Use Vertical Space

The idea behind minimal homes is that it requires a lot of open space. This is why you must utilize the vertical space of your room to make sure the floor space remains open and spacious. For example, hanging lights and planter, tall bookshelves, and creeper shrubs in your minimalist living room are a great way to utilize vertical space.

#4 Light Drapes Work the Best

Natural light is one of the key components of minimalist interior design. Allowing a natural, golden glow to bathe your space is a good idea if you want to achieve a beautifully minimal space. Light curtains and drapes are a nice way to invite natural light into your room without compromising on privacy.

While these tips are great to understand the basics of minimal interior design, if you want your home to have a professional touch, it’s always a good idea to take expert help. You can reach out to professional interior design firms like Livspace to get valuable insights on your minimal home vision and receive end-to-end interior design services from professional interior designers with years of experience.

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