We might all think we have a basic understanding of what minimalism in interior decor is, but the concept is broader than many of us may have believed. In a nutshell, minimalism means paring things down to essentials. Clutter is out, space is in, and every element is carefully considered. Even practical details like lighting play an important role in the overall effect. In essence, this means that your interpretation of minimalism can vary from the norm while still fitting its definition.

There are a lot of reasons why minimalism will always be an option for the trendy and design-conscious as well as the simply practical – we take a look at the top three.

Minimal Open Plan Home

Minimalism Can Be Cost-Effective – Even if You Choose High-End Pieces

A minimalist interior turns each piece into a feature. And because anything beyond the necessary items is ruled out, you can afford to spend more on the pieces your interior design will showcase. Instead of throwing in a lot of incidental things that may or may not see use, each item is purposeful and strategically placed for maximum effect.

As an example, consider ornaments. Your granny may have had a home packed with knick-knacks and memorabilia, but although she probably loved each item, none of them really stood out. Exchange the clutter for one, truly striking item, and the whole picture changes. That ornament becomes a statement. The same is true for every element in interior decor.

In minimalist design, you’re doing more with less, so it makes sense to choose what you truly love, even if it comes with a higher price tag.

Minimal Dining Room

Minimalism is Practical and Comfortable

Let’s not forget that every item you include in your interior decor requires maintenance, even if that’s only a matter of cleaning and dusting. With fewer things to care for, it’s easier to keep homes and apartments spotless, fresh, and appealing. And, while you’re not going to deprive yourself of any item you really need, you’re also going to do away with things that just take up space.

That means more sidling past incidental tables or bashing your shins on crowded furnishings when trying to feel your way around in the dark (yes we all do it.) Open space is as important in minimalist interiors as space that’s occupied, and that means ease of movement and greater comfort. Whether we’re talking about general lifestyle choices or design, minimalism is comfortable.

Minimalism Looks Awesome

From fashions to furnishings, there are a lot of things that look great while still being extremely uncomfortable. But minimalist design should focus on practicality and comfort together with careful selection of the ideal pieces to showcase one’s style and taste while still serving a very useful purpose.

With all the clutter out of the way, minimalism looks amazing, but looks are last on our list. Why? Focus on function, then consider the simplest and most striking way to fulfil that function. Now, make a taste statement. The result? Attractive interior spaces – even though your thinking was a combination of functionality and personal preference.

With so Much Going for It, Minimalism is Here to Stay

In bygone times, having more things than your neighbour did may have been a statement of sorts, but these days, we know that fewer things means that we can focus on the best ones. We also see the practical value of minimalism as well as the potential for showcasing each item instead of leaving it to compete with a whole lot of others.

Perhaps, in our golden years, we’ll surround ourselves with sentimental memorabilia and be happy, but we’ll know that we’re sacrificing the crisp, clean designs that a minimalist approach offers. Minimalism is practical – and it’s beautiful too.

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