Do you have a small corner in your house that often is a dark spot? Why not put up a chandelier light to brighten it up? It could be your walk-in closet, bathroom, entryway, or the area above your kitchen island. Or maybe you are looking to add a focal point to your living or dining room? An impressive light fixture will dazzle any room. But with so many variations in the market, how do you choose the right chandelier light for your home? Here is a quick buying guide:

Impressive Chandelier

Type of Room

Where do you want to place the chandelier light? Will it clash or complement the current décor there? For example, an entryway chandelier creates the first impression of your home. Hence, it should have eye-catching features that complement your flooring and stairs. Thus, you can opt for a giant crystal chandelier light with a chrome finish. In contrast, a chandelier hanging above the dining table should take into account the size and shape of your dining table.

Ceiling Height

What is the distance between your ceiling and the floor? It will determine the size and shape of your chandelier light. Big chandeliers are a good choice for rooms with rather high ceilings. For example, if your roof is 10 feet tall, opt for a chandelier that will hang not less than 7 feet off the floor. Install an abundant light in high ceiling rooms and vice versa. Moreso, massive chandeliers can feature two or more tiers to wow your guests.

Living Room Chandelier Set

Standard Chandelier Dimensions

Chandeliers retail in standard dimensions. That is, fix a 17” to a 20” wide chandelier to a room measuring 10 feet by 10 feet. Next, a 22” to a 27” broad light fits in 12 feet by 12 feet room. Yet, a 24” to a 32” wide chandelier is appropriate for 14 feet by 14 feet room. Next, determine the right chandelier diameter for your room.

Apply these standard dimensions to get the appropriate chandelier diameter. Find out what is the length and width of the room in feet. Then, sum up these two numbers. Express the total in inches to give you the right chandelier diameter for your room. For example, if your room is 10 feet by 10 feet. The total will be 20 feet. Hence, you’ll need a chandelier with a diameter of 20 inches.

Visual Weight of the Chandelier

Note, despite the standard dimensions, a chandelier can look more significant for its size. This difference is due to its visual weight. Thus, if you feel the fixture is overwhelming your interior décor, then it has a massive visual weight. You can opt for a less prominent chandelier. Or plan to create a balance by shifting your furniture and interior décor.

To determine your chandelier’s visual weight, measure the lumens for the room. That is, it brightness output in a solid object. Insufficient lumens means that your room has inadequate lighting. Hence, it can create a hazardous spot, become inconvenient to live in, and even interfere with the moods of the persons there.

Your Style Preference

Chandelier styles vary according to shape, material, lighting style, function, and finish. It retails in many themes, including modern, contemporary, rustic, or craftsman designs. If you like the mid-century appeal, then pick a vintage piece with drum shade. Do you prefer a romantic chandelier? Then it has to feature some curved arms, styled candlelight, and some Persian white finish.

Chandeliers are of various metals, including bronze, wrought iron, brass, and chrome. Pick the material that matches your taste. Still, you can opt for wooden, plastic, or even crystal make. Each material varies according to its price tag, and the period it represents.

Crystal Chandelier

Pick between a candle-light, shaded, crystal, Sputnik, wagon wheel, square, rectangle, drum, or a globe chandelier. The lighting style you settle for should rhyme with the theme of the room and the overall interior design style of your home.

You can have a chandelier in a hammered, black, brown, gold, or rustic finish. Or, get a brushed nickel, antiqued bronze, or a polished brass finish. Indeed, here the list is endless. Better still, you can opt for a custom made finish to match your interior décor. The finishing style dictates whether your chandelier will attract or shift the focal point of the room.


Chandelier’s price varies depending on all the above factors. It also includes the moving and installation cost, material acquisition, protection, set-up, and modifications. The price also varies depending on the number of lights on each unit. Chandeliers by high-end brands like Alison Berger Glassworks, Baccarat, and Apparatus Studio retail at a premium. Hence, work out your budget before you go shopping for a chandelier.

Ease and Cost of Installation

Now that you know what kind of chandelier you want, how much will it cost you to take it home and install it? For the first part you better check with moveBuddha for an estimate and for the second part – opt for lights that you can install on your own. Such fixtures have straightforward wiring with easy to follow user guides. Their plug-in styles ensure you fix it in minutes. This way, they will save you lots of cash hiring a professional for the task.

Care and Maintenance

An ideal chandelier is easy to clean. You should be able to change the lighting to suit another theme whenever you want. Also, the lighting system should be applicable as a task lighting unit. Note, a sophisticated chandelier will need a professional hand to fix and maintain.


Position, brightness level, and personal preference are essential when picking an ideal chandelier. Don’t overlook the physical weight of the fixture – you don’t want to create a ticking time bomb with an excessively heavy chandelier.

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