Coastal style interior design

The coastal style is extremely popular in the world of interior design. Inspired by the ocean and the beach, coastal interiors create a unique ambiance – soothing, pleasant and at the same time fresh and full of positive energy, evoking unforgettable memories of the warm summer carefree days.

Coastal interior design style - typical example

Space. Open-plan spaces are a key feature of coastal interiors. The goal is to create bright and airy environment where everything flows in peaceful serenity and you can feel the fresh breeziness of the beach and the enthralling infinity of the ocean.

Natural light is top priority in coastal interiors. Large windows, retractable walls and minimum use of window blinds or shutters will make the interior look bright and spacious and will create a seamless transition to the open outdoor space.

Color. When it comes to color, coastal interiors are strongly inspired by the beauty and charm of the golden beaches and the blue sea. The predominant color tones here are gentle neutral palettes ranging from pale shades of blue and turquoise, through sandy yellow and khaki beige to soft greys, crispy and off-white. This neutral and soothing background can then be “seasoned” with fresh pops of more saturated and vibrant colors like coral, orange, navy blue and teal, through suitable décor items. Usually, a coastal interior features no more than two color tones. This is a simple, yet effective solution to create a relaxing feel and a light uncluttered look.

Furniture. Furnishing a coastal interior is all about finding the right balance and the harmonious combination of modern minimalism with vintage evergreen, varying between subtle and sublime, extravagant and exclusive.

Coastal interiors are intended to look airy and spacious. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid cluttering the space with too much furniture or with too large furniture items. Modern, ‘Hamptons style’ coastal homes feature elegant minimalistic furniture items of clean lines, appearing almost “invisible” for their low-height volumes and predominantly white color. In the more “rustic” beach house the furniture is rather of vintage and shabby chic design, yet still following the same ‘no-clutter’ principle.

Coastal interiors feature mainly furniture items made of natural materials such as light, weathered wood, rattan and wicker, usually painted in white, soft beige or light grey. Textile and textures are also of natural fibers and colors, while rugs and often chandeliers and lamps are mostly of straw, seagrass, or jute.

Key feature of coastal furniture are the slip covers made of light cotton and linen. These add that typical coastal airy ambiance and cozy feel in the interior, but also prove very practical in terms of maintenance, considering that they normally are in very light colors.

Décor. Just like with furniture, coastal style décor is also based on the balance between nature-raw and elegant aesthetic. Of course, sea-inspired decorations such as sea shells, corals, star fish, driftwood, ropes and wicker items are among the popular choices when it comes to decorating a coastal home. Yet this should be done within the reasonable, and such elements should only appear as décor accents rather than clutter the space. The key is to keep it all simple and not too ‘matchy-matchy’.

Glass is a wonderful coastal décor solution. On one hand, its translucency feature allows the use of even larger objects (like glass-top dining tables), while keeping even smaller spaces look uncluttered. On the other hand, glass adds a more sophisticated look to the raw-nature-inspired interior décor. Finally, glass looks absolutely gorgeous when refracting light, but even when out of light, glass chandeliers, light fixtures, as well as decorative glass jars and bottles make stunning décor accents.

Sun kissed celebrations of all things nautical, coastal style is a relaxing and versatile rendering of organic inspirations. Our coastal styled homes, interiors and designs embody a fresh approach to space making, enthusing your home with this delectably unique and upbeat vibe, whether you are dappling in a complete makeover or simply experimenting with accents.

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