Many parents struggle to cope with the rapid change in interests of their growing children. When still infants, kids need to have their own world of wonders, a magical kingdom to rule and enjoy countless adventures in the privacy and beauty of their limitless imagination.

Growing up brings however new needs and new challenges. At school age, children come to need more practical stuff, like a desk to do their homework. And entering teenage years urges them to have a space of their own where they’d be free to express the personalities they are becoming. And all of these changes happen so quickly!

Kids Room In White

So, decorating the kids’ room can be fun but a bit tricky, too. Here are a few smart tips on how to meet the challenge. No need to break the bank, you know!

Custom prints

Prints are a great way to decorate the kids’ room. They are also one of the easiest ways to change the looks and the whole ambiance of the space, too! Modern printing technologies allow parents and children to choose from all kinds of custom canvas prints in various sizes, designs and hanging options. Printed on canvas, paper or acrylic panels (to name but a few options), prints make wonderful personalized decoration items that kids would love to have in their private space.

Canvas Prints On The WallFound on: CanvasChamp Australia

Best thing about prints is that whatever the chosen images are, a fairytale landscape or character, a fine-art or pop-art masterpiece, or family photos, these can be reproduced onto any other surface around the room, like on throw pillows, calendars, cups, etc. Fun!


One of the best budget-friendly solutions in decorating the kids’ room is getting creative with paint. Paint turns the walls into a blank canvas on which you and your kids can tell most amazing stories. From pastel walls covered with fluffy white clouds and fairytale characters, through chalk painted panels where kids can draw whatever they wish, to neutral tones where stickers and posters pop from – paint is one of the best decorating options. Cheap, too!

Painted Walls Of A Kids Room

In addition, paints vary not just in color or texture, but also in functional features. The contemporary market offers a wide variety of paints meant not only to color but to also protect the walls and the ambience of the room, keeping it fresh, mold-free and “breathing”.

Washi tape

Using washy tapes is perhaps the cheapest but also the most fun way to decorate the kids’ room. The colors and patterns these smart thingies are printed in, is practically limitless. And what more would you need to get your kids creative and to have fun together while decorating their room?!

Washi Tape Decoration
Image credit: Jamie Mason | Found on: Ideal Home

Let’s list here but a few of the many advantages of washi tapes:

  • extremely versatile in color, pattern, texture, and size;
  • easy to apply and easy to change;
  • durable but do not leave any stains or damages when removed;
  • easily accessible

In short – you can decorate anything and in any possible way with washy tapes.


The bed is the focal item in the kids’ room. Apart from being comfy, the bed’s shape and design matter a lot, too. But whether a single bed or a set of beds, whether on one or on two levels, it’s the bedding that makes all the difference and sets up the entire style and mood in the room.

Children Bedding
Found on: Amazon

Unlike the fancy bedding sets you’d normally have in the parents’ bedroom, children’s beds need to look colorful and fun. The contemporary market offers a wide variety of sets of bed sheets, duvet covers and pillow slips that dress the kid’s bed entirely up to his/her personal taste and interests. Best part – change bedding as often as needed! For one, this helps you keep the bed clean and fresh at all times. On the other hand, changing the bedding makes it easy to change the looks of the entire interior.

Personal DIY project

Speaking about personalizing the space and meeting the challenge of the ever changing tastes and needs of your growing kids, the DIY projects are a smart way to achieve it without expensive shopping or employing a professional designer. Why would you need one in the first place when you have your kid! Your child is the best designer you’d ever get to make his/her room look and feel exactly as he/she wants it to. All your kid needs is freedom of creativity and some grown-ups’ help.

Candy Wall Display
Project by Damask Love

The DIY decorating projects can cover just about any item in the kids’ room. From self-sewn stuffed toys or floor rugs, through playful décor items, to self-built storage solutions or furniture items made of reclaimed materials, let your kid pick the project. Most important, let him/her participate in the process of making, even if it is only by designing the item.

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