Did anyone else ever sleep under their Christmas tree as a child? Especially when your parents still would go out and buy a fresh live tree? Something about Christmas season, the decorations, the smell, perhaps the overall joy that the season honestly brings, just makes you want to dress your home head to toe in garlands, lights, and seasonal knick knacks.


While we of course tackle the living areas, kitchen, and dining room, one thing that sometimes goes untouched are our bedrooms, especially the children’s rooms. If you got anything from the start of this, it is that children adore Christmas, they love everything about it. There are easy and quick ways for you to make their bedrooms a little more festive, and that will totally get them even more excited for it.


If you take a look at this house, you’ll see that they have done an excellent job in making the children’s room much more festive, without making it look hokey in the slightest.

You can temporarily replace their bed sheets with some Christmas themed ones, or even ones that are within the color palette that you typically see during the holidays would work too.

You can hang up garlands and lights around the room, hang a wreath on their door, or if you’re lucky like the owner of this home, find wonderfully vintage looking adornments for the walls.

Perfectly-Festive-Childrens-Room-For-The-Holidays-15Images found here

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