When they are younger, most children drive their mothers up the wall. Kids love playing and exploring and they are so hyped-up with energy most of the time that they constantly run mud in and out of the house, bounce balls, and sometimes they even attempt indoor roller-skating. Unruly is usually a nice word to describe some children when they are younger.

Most parents give in to the idea that they cannot have nice things in their home when they have children but this doesn’t have to be the case. With a bit of forethought and planning, having a home that you can be proud to show off to friends and family doesn’t have to be an impossible task. The trick is to find the perfect balance between having a home worthy of being in the pages of interior design magazines and having a home that you can happily raise your children in.

Colorful Kid'S Bedroom Interior

Add a Comfy Corner

Instead of having half of the kid’s blankets and pillows in your living room, consider adding a comfy corner instead. This corner is perfect for bean bags and poufs and will help them feel comfortable. It will also save you from cringing when you see their dirty feet climbing all over your clean sofas. Your children deserve a space in your home where they can also relax and be comfortable. There is a fine line between messy and lived-in; you just need to find it.

Personalize Their Space

Your kids are probably far more observant than you give them credit for. They will recognize and appreciate your efforts to personalize their space for them. Choose animal posters and bring a happy element of family love into any room. Children love brightly colored designs and joyful prints because it helps them to feel more included in their home. Growing up in this kind of environment will also stimulate the creativity centers in their brains and help them create well-developed imaginations.

Add a Play Area

Every parent loves to watch their kids play and learn, sometimes the sacrifice for that comes in the form of never having a tidy room again until they leave the nest one day, but that is a price that all of us are generally prepared to pay. If you don’t want to banish them to their rooms to play then you should consider adding a play area filled with their favorite indoor toys like puzzles and blocks. Just remember to add a storage bin too to neatly store all of these toys when they are not in use. This area should be brightly colored to inspire that aforementioned creative thinking.

Let Them Help Design the Space

You would be surprised by how much your children would love to be involved in the decision-making process of designing the space. Pull up a few Pinterest boards with some acceptable kids’ room design ideas and let them choose their favorite examples. Most kids are thrilled to be included this way, it makes their day.

Always Add Love

The easiest way to create a living space that is perfect for your kids is to remember that safety comes first, so no sharp edges or potentially dangerous furniture items like glass-top tables. Then all that is needed after that is to fill the space with love. Proudly display their finger-painted masterpieces and hang up as many photos of them as possible. Don’t feel bad if your home doesn’t scream that you’re a mature adult – it doesn’t need to. All your rooms need to reflect is that your home has children present – and happy ones at that. You never need to apologize for being blessed parents.

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