If you have kids, your house is most likely riddled with toys, stuffed animals, and arts and crafts. As much as you love your kids and want them to enjoy their youth, there comes a time when the endless pile of toys becomes too much to bear. Just once, you want to walk down your hallway without tripping on a plastic train or sit at the kitchen table without moving a pile of coloring books.

Luckily, you can have the best of both worlds. If your kids’ toys are filling up your house at an alarming rate, it may be time to consider building a playroom.

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#1 Benefits of a Playroom

Not only do playrooms help you maintain a tidier home, but they have lasting benefits for your children. According to Psychology Today, playrooms can help kids play independently and boost their creativity. In addition, they will also help your kids fall asleep quicker as they won’t be distracted by their toys in their bedroom. However, in order for a playroom to work properly, it will need to be entertaining for your kids.

So, if you are planning on building a playroom for your children, here are all the essentials you must include.

#2 Proper Storage

When it comes to playrooms, proper storage is crucial. After all, what is the point of clearing the rest of your home of all your kids’ toys if they are just going to make a giant mess in the playroom? Consider using a basket and plastic bins to store toys, arts and craft supplies, stuffed animals, and more. Not only will proper storage keep the room tidy, but it will teach your kids the importance of organization.

#3 Comfy Flooring

Since your kids will be spending all their time playing in their new playroom, it is essential to install flooring that can brace their falls. For example, instead of just keeping your hardwood floor, consider installing thick carpet or foam floor pieces to create a soft and safe environment. Not only will it protect them if they fall, but it will be comfy enough to sit on the floor and play on.

#4 Table and Chairs

Kids love arts and crafts. However, sitting on the carpet with crayons, markers, or paint is a disaster waiting to happen. Instead,  dedicate space in the corner of the room for a kid’s chair and table. Not only will this make arts crafts an easy activity, but it will be a great place for your child to enjoy snacks and even lunch.

Children Table And ChairsPhoto credit: Pexels

#5 Art Display

A great way to encourage creativity is to display your children’s art on the wall of their playroom. Not only will it encourage them to draw or paint, but it will bring a unique sense of style to your child’s playroom.

#6 Book Shelf

The best way to encourage kids to read is by giving them the opportunity to. Installing a miniature bookshelf filled with their favorite books is a fantastic way to promote reading. You can even consider placing a bean bag chair next to the shelf for a comfortable reading experience.

#7 Hideaway Spot

Children love building forts and having cool places to hide out in. You should consider placing a small tent or teepee to let them explore their imaginations. Who knows, they may even use the space to take a much-needed nap from time to time.

#8 TV Corner

While television should not be a frequent activity, it won’t hurt to place a TV in their playroom so they can enjoy all their favorite shows and movies. Instead of wasting storage space with boxes of DVDs, consider using a smart TV or firestick to have access to unlimited children’s movies.

#9 Keep It Comfortable and Safe

When it comes to playrooms, nothing is more important than maintaining a comfortable and safe environment. As long as you include the necessities and make sure it is safe and secure, your child will love their new playroom.

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