Industrial style interior design

Industrial style or, as designers like to call it today, industrial chic, refers to a modernistic aesthetic trend in interior design, inspired by the particular look of the premises in old factories and industrial buildings. The trend is believed to have begun in Lower Manhattan in the late 1960s, when people, mostly from the artistic community, rented abandoned warehouses and production facilities for art studios and then turned them into homes. It quickly became popular and remains among the top interior design styles to this day.

Its main characteristic features display austerity, conciseness, functionality, clarity and dynamics of aesthetic expression, while creating a harmonious space of ideal proportions, promoting order and symmetry and featuring a somewhat restrained décor.

Industrial interior design style - typical example

Space. Industrial style interiors impress with spacious volumes, high ceilings and, often, with floor-to-ceiling windows. Such architecture provides wonderful opportunities for a variety of solutions in shaping the interior space and floor area into functional zones, achieved by means of lightweight, plaster slab, strawboard or glass partition systems.

A hallmark of the industrial interiors are the exposed brick or concrete feature walls and ceilings, that add lots of character and unique ambiance. Floorings feature natural wood, ceramic tiles or natural stone, usually in larger patterns.

Lighting plays twice as essential a role here than in most other interior design styles. Special attention is given not only to the light sources, spectacular as these are, but also to the way industrial style lighting emphasizes the merits of the materials used to structure and design the space. Light “plays” on smooth, shiny, lacquered and polished surfaces of plastic, chromed metal, stone, wood and artificial leather, materials dominating the industrial interiors, adding a feeling of warmth and homey coziness.

Color. To achieve the “industrial” look, premises feature natural color palettes. Industrial interiors promote matching combinations in limited ranges of monochrome, neutral and dark color tones, which, however, allows the use of accent accessories and decoration items, brightening up the otherwise strict vision of the room.

In contemporary industrial interiors, white is often the dominant color, complemented by other neutral pale colors, such as cream, gray, yellow, red, blue, brownish and sandy. Darker tones, up to graphite and black, are introduced as accents. Such color palette, together with the structural composition of the interior, makes the premises look spacious and bright, but also welcoming and exciting.

Furniture. The furniture, just like everything else in the industrial interiors, obeys functionality and features clean, geometric shapes, flat surfaces, metal fittings, and uniform colors. The main materials used are leather, plastic, metal, steel and chrome, but often wood, too. Sofas, lounge chairs and beds made of wooden pallets are such a success lately! Typical examples of industrial furnishing are tables with glass tops of a strictly rectangular or round shape, chairs with metallic legs and back frames, as well as eccentric furniture items, such as a coffee table made of a wooden storage box on wheels, a recycled car engine, a large vehicle wheel, or a beer barrel.

Décor. Industrial décor manages to make a strong statement, despite its simplicity and minimalist design. It shows distinctive aesthetics, where the contrast of contemporary vs. vintage creates a unique multi-layered, and well-considered environment.

Industrial interiors are famous for exposing the charm of traditionally “industrial” components, such as columns, beams, plumbing and ventilation pipes, with all the bolts, screws, rivets, etc. fasteners openly displayed and turned into stylish decorative elements. The same concept of exposure for aesthetic reasons applies also to lighting fixtures which come in, often, unconventionally oversized Edison-style light bulbs incorporated in floor and table lamps and ceiling pendants of stylish, contemporary designs.

Accessories in industrial interiors display the same “rugged” style, but due to their uniqueness, they make awesome conversation pieces. They impress with size, too. Large abstract posters or bold graffiti artwork covering an entire wall of exposed brick, a real, life-size old bike hanging from the ceiling, or used, wholesale and salvage industrial equipment made into furniture and decorative items, are among the typical examples of industrial décor.

If you like it rough, bold and self-assured, then look no further – industrial interiors and designs are here to set your imagination on fire. From remodeled interiors to products and accents, we cover a range of avenues and opportunities to render your home in this unique and incomparably cool design style. 

July 22, 2020
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