When it comes to interior design in the bedroom, the possibilities are endless. A bedroom is one of the easiest rooms to decorate and you can achieve a lot through the use of color, textiles and layout. Whether you prefer a boho chic vibe or a more modern aesthetic, selecting the right bedding and accessories will help you achieve your favorite look. When planning your bedroom decor, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Invest in great bedroom furniture and comfortable bed linen
  • Use the window as a focal point
  • Choose lamps and soft lighting for a relaxed atmosphere in the evenings
  • Add style and color with accessories such as cushions, candles, rugs and framed prints on the walls
  • signature wall is a great way to implement color or pattern
  • Removable wallpaper is a quick and easy way to create a unique and striking bedroom style
  • Keep your bedroom organized with storage items such as a laundry basket, wall shelving and bedside drawers

Below are some more tips that can help specifically create a boho, modern or beach-style look in any bedroom.

Boho Chic

Creating a bohemian look in a bedroom is best achieved with natural fabrics and textiles, soft, pastel colors and lightweight, floaty curtains and wall hangings. Choose earthy colors for the walls, for instance, muddy greens, olives, or light yellow tones. These colors all look great with fresh, white bed linen.

Boho Bedroom Design

Opt for wicker, seagrass and bamboo accessories such as baskets – which also double up as excellent storage solutions – laundry bins and maybe even a wicker chair for a truly boho look and feel. Plants and macabre wall hangings will also add an extra touch of nature and enhance the boho vibe. There are lots of ways to create a dreamy boho style bedroom – it truly is one of the easiest vibes to adopt when decorating any room in your house.

Modern Style

Creating a sophisticated, modern style in a bedroom is best achieved through strong, fresh colors like white, navy or charcoal grey. If you don’t want to use a bold color on the walls, choose vibrant bedding in a single color or with a bold print to make a statement, without committing to a strong color on the walls. Choose a minimalist layout and design if you are aiming for a modern aesthetic.

Modern Bedroom Design

Great storage is also important when going for this design style, as nothing kills the contemporary vibe more than clutter. A nice selection of drawers and a large wardrobe can provide plenty of bedroom storage, while under-bed drawers and boxes may help maximize your existing space. Keep bedside tables clutter-free by using chic storage baskets or boxes.

Modern bedroom interior design requires careful planning, in particular if you are using a bold color on the walls or on a single, feature wall. A sleek, contemporary bedroom is, however, timeless, and a great decor option for anyone looking for a look that won’t date.

Beachy Bedroom

If you love holidays or live near the sea, a beachy or nautical style bedroom may be called for. This look is also quite easy to achieve with the right colors and accessories. Opt for turqouise or navy and white striped bedding, a wicker chair by the window, and seashell accessories, for example. A sunhat hanging on the wall and photos hung in wooden frames will also add to the overall beach vibes, while distressed rugs against wooden or white floorboards are great for bringing a seaside touch.

Beachy Bedroom

No matter which interior style you’re aiming to achieve, shopping online is a great way to find the best accessories and bedroom furniture to create your favorite look. It is also a great way to browse the full range of products and styles that are available and have everything delivered directly to your home.

Decorating a bedroom doesn’t have to cost the earth – it is the easiest room in a house to decorate plus, there are lots of ways to upgrade your bedroom on a budget. Before starting any decor project, it can be very helpful to browse images online and collect your favorites to truly pinpoint the overall look you wish to achieve.

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