Most contemporary families don’t have the luxury of living in large spacious houses, but rather in studios, apartments or tiny homes. To ensure proper living conditions for all members of the family in such limited areas has become quite a challenge! Children bunk beds are a smart solution when looking for budget-friendly and space-saving options for furnishing kids’ room.

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One of the most challenging tasks is to artificially create illusion of space. This requires careful planning and tons of creativity in order to make the children’s room functional and practical but also pleasing and fun.

When horizontal area is limited, it’s best to look for all possibilities of using the vertical space available. Children bunk beds are a perfect example of how furniture designers have come up with a solution to the issue.

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These beds not only save space but are also highly functional! In case of a double bunk bed set, there’s enough space under the lower bed for boxes/drawers to keep the kids’ toys and “treasures”. Single bunk bed structure allows placing an additional cabinet and even a comfy armchair under the bed. Both sides of the bunk bed set are suitable for installing either an open shelf cabinet to hold various items, or a vertical wardrobe for the kids’ clothes.

These beds are comfortable and safe! Both, single and double bunk bed sets, are offered with solid bedframes, soft and comfy mattresses, and come with easy-to-climb ladders.

And most important – these beds are fun! They come in various attractive colors, can easily be converted into a performance or puppet show stage, a tent or a princess bed. They allow children to not just sleep, but to also play, be creative and learn to keep their room space neat and tidy.

Take a look at these adorable and cute Thuka beds

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